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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 11 July 2012

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EDITORIAL: International Row Brewing as Codex Clears Use of Ractopamine

Last week Codex Alimentarius set maximum levels for the use of the drug Ractopamine, which the commission says the meat will be safe for human consumption.

The Commission voted 69-67 in favour of establishing the MRLs of 10 parts per billion in beef and pork.

Adoption of the MRLs was supported by the US, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, the Philippines and the majority of the rest of the world outside of Europe in an effort to send a message that Codex is a science-based body and that inaction is not an option in an increasingly globalised world.

The move has been welcomed by the governments of the USA, Canada and Brazil.

US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said: "After five years of hard work by the Codex Commission, including the US Department of Agriculture and our federal agency partners, the United States welcomes the Commission's adoption of standards for the veterinary drug ractopamine. This action by Codex affirms the pre-eminent role of science in setting international standards for food safety.

"Currently, American producers face trade restrictions due to unjustified bans on the use of ractopamine, which has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and used safely in the United States for 12 years as well as 25 other countries. These standards provide clear guidance to countries about safe use of ractopamine, which promotes lean meat production.

"The whole supply chain will benefit because they already use this technology and now we have our parameter as an international benchmark. It was an important achievement and the Ministry of Agriculture participated actively so that these standards were adopted," said the head of the Division of Control of Additives, Suzana Bresslau.

"This marks an important step forward for science-based trade, an approach this government has constantly advocated with trading partners around the globe," said Canadian Agriculture Minster Gerry Ritz.

However, the European Union is standing firm in its opposition to the use of ractopamine and is still raising safety concerns.

The European Union's risk assessment body, the European Food Safety Authority, has concluded that there is insufficient data upon which to make a proposal for maximum residue levels for ractopamine and that risks to human health cannot be ruled out.

The EU said that given its outstanding safety concerns, the European Union's current legislation will remain in place.

Chris Harris

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