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The MeatSite Newsletter - 20 June 2012

TheMeatSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 20th June 2012
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Brazilian Agrifood Sector Grows Stronger

Brazilian meat production is expected to grow by more than 43 per cent over the next 10 years.

Poultry production is expected to see the highest rate of growth with an annual increase of 4.2 per cent and beef is expected to grow by two per cent a year.

The forecast by the Brazilian government in "Agribusiness Projections 2011/2012 to 2020/2021" also predicts a favourable environment for exports from Brazil.

The predicted growth was also anticipated by the minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, Mendes Ribeiro, this week.

He said that agribusiness exports for this year could go up by 5.7 per cent compared to 2011 and exceed the $100 billion target, despite problems with the markets in Russia and Argentina.

The increase in production and exports can be viewed alongside the continued growth and development of the leading processing companies in the country.

Brasil Foods this week issued a $500 million bond offer to help finance its own growth and the company that has divested some of its assets to Marfrig, has seen that deal completed with production starting under the new name this week.

Marfrig has also countered the criticisms often faced over Brazilian agrifood production about deforestation with certification of its beef production from the Rainforest Alliance.

It is the world’s first food company in the animal protein segment to track its entire beef production cycle in accordance with the standards developed by the Agriculture and Forest Management and Certification Institute (Imaflora) and the Rainforest Alliance.

Meanwhile, a Brazilian court has ordered Greenpeace to suspend the circulation of a report containing allegations against beef processing giant, JBS, over its beef production and deforestation policies.

Chris Harris

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Salmonella Contamination on Pork Carcases from Slaughter to Chilling
Current processing procedures generally lead to a lowering in the prevalence of Salmonella as the carcasses move towards the cooler, according to researchers in the US who reviewed 44 studies evaluating pork carcass contamination levels at various stages of processing in plants in several countries.
Clostridium difficile from Feedlot Beef Cattle
C. difficile was found by researchers in the intestinal tracts of a small percentage of feedlot cattle in Alberta, Canada, at the start of feeding and throughout the period studied. Ribotype 078/NAP7 was the dominant strain in these animals, the same one that has been linked to a rising incidence of community–associated cases of C. difficile infection.
SERS: High-Tech Tactic May Newly Expose Stealthy Salmonella
USDA ARS researcher, Bosoon Park, and his team have been evaluating the strengths and shortcomings of ‘surface–enhanced Raman scattering’ (SERS) for Salmonella testing compared to common analytical methods and several newer ones as well, with the view to gaining better control over the world’s worst foodborne pathogens.
European Meat Processing Industry Slowly Evolving
Over the last number of years, some of the major European meat processors were at a crossroads in terms of the direction their business was heading with the majority having no operations outside their domestic country, writes Peter Duggan, Strategic Information Services, Bord Bia-Irish Food Board.
Immigration Policy and its Possible Effects on US Agriculture
Changes being considered would affect the market for hired farm labour. Analysis by the Economic Research Service looks at the possible effects of a decrease in the supply of unauthorised labour in all sectors of the US economy – including agriculture – and an increase in the number of temporary non-immigrant and foreign-born farm workers.
* Market Reports

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* Global Meat Industry News


 » Exports to EU Slow in May
 » Potential Co-product Values Rise
 » Australia Looks to Philippines for Red Meat Market
 » Agricultural Export Earnings Remain High

   United States

 » Reduced Bedding During Transport of Pigs
 » CME: Changes to Projected Red Meat & Poultry Supply
 » Use Science in Regulating Antibiotics, Says Coalition
 » Proposed Bill Could Increase Egg Prices
 » CME: Lower Retail Prices for All Meat Categories
 » Second Best Year for Smithfield Foods
 » Turkeys Killed in Lenoir County Fire; Ruled Accidental
 » NPPC Asks Canada to Stop Subsidising Hog Production
 » New International Boss for ConAgra Foods
 » Cracker Barrel Latest to Ban Pork Gestation Crates
 » Weekly Roberts Market Report
 » Mexico Invited to Join Trans-Pacific Trade Talks
 » EPA Regulation of GHGs will Burden Farmers

   United Kingdom

 » New Pork Campaign Targets 3 Million Consumers
 » Can Bird Flu Resistant Chickens be Developed?
 » Sustainable Intensification Vs Low Input Farming
 » Islamic Scholars Reject Machine Slaughter
 » Scottish Red Meat £2.1 Billion to Economy
 » Food Organisations Make Legal Pork Pledge
 » Increased Calf Registrations Mean Growth in Herd
 » MEP Told of Unfair Competition from EU States
 » Review Needed for Livestock Transport


 » Processors Welcome Safe Food for Canadians Act
 » Canada Looks to End S Korea's WTO Beef Dispute


 » Poultry Health, Biosecurity Major Themes at WPC 2012
 » Brazilian Meat Production to Grow by 43.2 per cent
 » Marfrig Gains Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal
 » Brazil Egg Exports Soar
 » Court Grants JBS Injunction Against Greenpeace
 » Agribusiness May Exceed Export Target Online Book Shop

 » FAO Urges Greater Push to Reduce Food Losses


 » Minister Backs Those Hit by Doux Collapse
 » Credit Line Set up for Doux

   New Zealand

 » Fonterra Buys New Zealand Dairies
 » NZ Beef and Lamb Exports Ease in May


 » Industry Criticises Glanbia for Leading Down Prices
 » Pig Producers Cannot Continue Without Support


 » NCS Raises Alarm on Smuggling of Poultry Products


 » Shuanghui Joins Forces with Coking Company
 » Pork Prices Up After Weeks of Declines


 » Significant Boost to Danish Crown's Trade with China
 » Royal Award for Danish Crown

   Russian Federation

 » Cherkizovo Acquires Voronezhmyasoprom Assets


 » Imported Beef Stocks in Japan Low
 » Solid Growth for Take-away Meals in Japan


 » Spoiled Poultry Allegations Spurious


 » CPF Investing Billions to Make Operations Greener


 » Transavia Opens New Chicken Breeding Farm


 » Spanish Food Exports Rise


 » Israel to Raise Turkeys in Belarus


 » Poultry Welfare Conference Set for June 2013

   European Union

 » Probiotics Help Beat Campylobacter in Chickens
 » EU Pig Prices: German Companies Cause Price Slide
 » NFU Support for Proportionate CAP Fines


 » Chicken Prices Add to Summer Sorrows

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