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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 23 May 2012

TheMeatSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 23rd May 2012
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Editorial: Action Taken over Animal Welfare Issues

The New South Wales Government in Australia has announced a tough new animal welfare package to lift animal welfare standards in all domestic abattoirs.

The new animal welfare package is part of the NSW Government’s review of domestic abattoir operations following an incident at Hawkesbury Valley Meat Processors in February this year.

“Under the new requirements, each abattoir will be required to designate an Animal Welfare Officer to be present on the premises to monitor and take responsibility for the welfare of animals," said Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson.

In the UK, the Brydock Pig Farming operation run by the European meat processing giant VION has been named overall winner of the Health and Welfare Award at the 2012 Pig and Poultry Marketing Awards.

Judges were highly impressed at the hands on approach which has clearly led to high welfare standards and the overall success of the enterprise, the judges said.

They said that it was clear that the attitude has come into the business from the top and has percolated through the business.

In the US, the restaurant chain Denny’s has announced that it will work with its suppliers to eliminate the practice of confining pigs in gestation crates for its bacon, sausage, and other pork products.

Denny’s and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have worked together to address animal welfare issues for more than five years, and the restaurant giant’s pledge on gestation crates is just the latest positive action taken by the company.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has launched an immediate investigation into the causes of deaths in a consignment of export breeding pigs to Russia.

The pigs were part of three consignments of breeding pigs destined for the Tambov Oblast that were detained on the Belarus border.

In all 37 pigs were found to have died.

Chris Harris

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Meeting New Rules to Beat E.coli
On 4 June, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service will begin verification testing in raw beef trimmings for seven shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli, writes Chris Harris.
Finland Wastes 400m Kilos of Food
According to a recent estimate from MTT, the Finnish food chain wastes just short of 400 million kilos of food a year. The amount of waste in the food industry is on average approximately 100 million kilos.
Susceptability to Boar Taint in Cooked Meat
Researchers in Norway have found that people with a particular variant of the OR7D4 odour receptor are sensitive to meat containing androstenone. It is this steroid that is largely responsible for boar taint, which is associated with negative reaction by some consumers to meat from male pigs.
The Mississippi Poultry Industry and its Economic Impact
An overview of the broiler and egg industries in the state, which ranks number 4 in the country's poultry states, according to a report from Mississippi State University.
EU Pig Population – 2011
The latest estimate for the EU pig population sees the region's total number of pigs for 2011 at almost 148.6 million, 1.5 per cent below the figure for the previous year, writes Jackie Linden, senior editor of TheMeatSite.
Alcohol–Based Sanitisers against Salmonella in Egg Processing
An alcohol–quaternary ammonium sanitiser solution were found by researchers in the US to be between 100 to 10,000 times more effective than water in reducing Salmonella numbers when it was sprayed on stainless steel beakers and packer head brushes.
* Market Reports

 » USDA Livestock, Dairy, Poultry and Aquaculture Outlook - May 2012
 » Utilisation of Milk by Dairies in England and Wales - Review of March 2012
 » USDA National Dairy Products Sales Report - 18 May 2012
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* Company News

Roser Automatic Tray Storage
GERMANY - Adfood Group brand company ROSER has launched its automatic transport and storage system for individual trays through 2D system lineal robots.
* Global Meat Industry News


 » Voluntary Plans to Reduce Salt in the Diet
 » Confusion Surrounds Assurance Schemes
 » UK Minister Opens up Food, Pig Exports to China
 » Drop in Italian Meat Sales; Ukrainian Pig Herd Falls
 » Q2 Poultry Prices Forecast to Remain Strong
 » Sustainable Livestock at Committee on Agriculture
 » China, US Companies in Joint Biofuel Venture
 » M-COOL Affects US Producers Buying Canadian Pigs


 » Fake Stewed Pig Ears Pose Health Risks
 » Pork Price Expected to Soar in June
 » Govt Likely to Act to Stabilize Pork Costs
 » Revenue Soars for Sino Agro Food
 » Fonterra Opens New Innovation Centre in Shanghai
 » Pork Price Continue to Drop Despite Govt Intervention Online Book Shop

 » COOL: Potential Trade Barrier of Choice
 » Union Fears Risks in Meat Inspection Changes
 » Call to Amend COOL to Comply with Trade Obligations
 » Nova Scotia Invests in Poultry Plant

   United States

 » Supermoms Against Superbugs Protest
 » CME: Annual US Broiler Shipments to Mexico
 » Denny’s Moves to End Pig Crates
 » Quick Action by US on Mandatory COOL Unlikely
 » Q1 Retail Pork Prices Higher Than a Year Ago
 » HSUS Files Complaint Against Tyson; Tyson Responds
 » Broiler Meat Production Forecast to Rise in 2013
 » AWI Accuses USDA of Conning Consumers
 » Q1 Turkey Meat Production Up Compared to 2011
 » Foodservice Drives Asian Cheese Demand
 » Cattle Outlook: Strong Dollar Bad for Meat Exports
 » Urgent Action Required on Falling Food Productivity
 » Pork Producers Ask, What Happened?
 » Table Egg Production Forecast to Drop in 2013
 » Dark Meat Sizzles Ahead of Grilling Season
 » USDA Launches Web-Based Label Approval System
 » CME: Little to No Good News for Meat Sectors

   United Kingdom

 » Grass-fed Beef Better for Health and Environment
 » Markets Opening for British Beef and Lamb
 » PIG & POULTRY FAIR: BPEX Optimistic about the UK Pig Industry
 » PIG & POULTRY FAIR: Outlook for the UK Poultry, Egg Sectors
 » Markets Opening to EU and UK Beef Products
 » Brydock Pig Farm Wins Health and Welfare Award
 » Cranswick Turns the Corner
 » PIG & POULTRY FAIR: Opportunities and Challenges for British Products in the Food Service Sector
 » Milk Price Cuts Hitting Long-term Investment
 » UK Farmers Enjoy Boom as Economy Suffers
 » Debate Needed on Cost of Supermarket Promos
 » Putting Goose on Menu at City College Norwich
 » Greater Understanding Needed in Beef Supply Chain
 » Team RT Takes Gold for UK Farming

   Viet Nam

 » Pork from HCM City Free of Lean Meat Agents


 » Rosy Outlook for Pork Producers
 » Mandatory Welfare Training for Abattoirs
 » RSPCA Calls for Ban on Slaughter Boxes
 » A$70m Research Grants for Australian Agriculture
 » Mixed Trading Environment for Australian Beef
 » Abattoirs in Welfare Footage on Approved Export List
 » Pork Producers Accept Welfare Changes


 » JBS Sees Rise in Revenue - Drop in Earnings

   European Union

 » EU to Lift Ban on Thai Poultry Meat Imports
 » EU Pig Prices: Friendly Atmosphere in EU Markets

   New Zealand

 » Silver Fern Farms Joins PGP Application
 » Significant Progress in AFFCO Dispute


 » Meat Processors Could be Forced to Close

   Russian Federation

 » Denmark Halts Pig Exports to Russia
 » Agreement Signed for Turkey Complex


 » Ter Beke Increases Turnover
 » WORLD POULTRY 2012: Meeting Consumer, Retailer Needs


 » India Says Ban on US Poultry Already Lifted


 » Export Production of Marine Products Increases

   Costa Rica

 » Costa Rica Gets Green Light for US Shrimp Exports


 » Mexico Accounts for Quarter of US Dairy Exports

   Korea, South

 » Seoul Cautious About Widening Beef Market


 » Pork Prices Stay High Despite Govt Fuel Freeze

   United Arab Emirates

 » United Arab Emirates Opens Door to Scotch Beef

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