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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 18 April 2012

TheMeatSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 18th April 2012
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Editorial: Cutting out of Food Waste

The amount of food that is wasted globally every year runs into billions of tonnes.

The waste occurs along the food chain - in the fields and the barns on the farm, in transport, in processing, in the shops and in the restaurants and domestic kitchens.

While some of this waste is unavoidable, a reduction in the food that is either destroyed or thrown away will go a long way to meeting the demands of a growing global population and will also help to reduce the carbon footprint of production.

According to Dr Ashleigh Bright, Global implementation of increased livestock efficiency, and a reduction in food waste (20% to 5%), resulted in the largest reduction in GHGE emissions and increase in biodiversity.

And Kai Robertson, BSR Director, Food, Beverage & Agriculture Practice Advisory Services told attendees of Bayer CropScience's Ag Issues Forum: "There isn't a silver bullet; it's very complex.

"We're living in a 'throw-away society' - we're used to destroying things, just throwing them away, not even thinking about it. It's about changing consumer behaviour."

In Europe, an updated report by BPEX examining the readiness of European countries for the introduction of the partial stalls and tethers ban on 1 January 2013 shows that fewer than half EU Member States are expected to be fully compliant with the EU Directive, which could result in market disruptions.

The report says pig production in the EU could to fall by between five per cent and 10 per cent and that member States are reporting "significant numbers" of producers, who are set to quit the industry because they will be unable or unwilling to comply with the new sow stall ban. As a result, processors and retailers may well face substantial price increases.

In the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is to take three steps to protect public health and promote the jACudicious use of medically important antibiotics in food-producing animals.

A voluntary initiative for labelling and use of antimicrobial drugs in livestock is proposed.

Based on a consideration of relevant reports and scientific data, FDA is proposing the voluntary initiative to phase in certain changes to how medically important antimicrobial drugs are labelled and used in food-producing animals.

FDA said it is taking this action to help preserve the effectiveness of medically important antimicrobials for treating disease in humans.

Chris Harris

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 7 new features this week:

Market Impact of EU Regulations on Group Housing of Sows
Updating an earlier report, the British Pig Executive (BPEX) forecasts that, following the partial ban on sow stalls in the EU from January 2013, pig production in the region is likely to fall by between five and 10 per cent and that processors and retailers are likely to face substantial price increases. The organisation presents three possible scenarios following discussions with European partners, based on the experience of the battery cage ban for laying hens in January this year, the likely level of compliance in the different Member States and the Commission's response to non-compliance.
Waste of Processed Product at Retail and Consumption Level
Roughly one-third of the edible parts of food produced for human consumption, gets lost or wasted globally, which is about 1.3 billion ton per year. Food is wasted throughout the food supply chain, from initial agricultural production down to final household consumption, writes Dr Ashleigh Bright from the Farm Animal Initiative.
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS – EU’s Share of European Egg Total in Decline
The European Union’s contribution to total European egg production in the decade 2000 to 2010 contracted from 70 per cent to almost 64 per cent, writes seasoned industry watcher, Terry Evans, in his latest review of the trends in the European egg market.
Packaging with Smart Functions
NORWAY - Researchers believe that the packaging of the future will contain substances that will get rid of unwanted bacteria. Or it could be made from food waste.
Reducing Broiler Salmonella with Xylanase and Essential Oils
The addition of essential oils and the feed enzyme, xylanase, to a broiler diet improve bird performance and reduced the horizontal transmission of Salmonella infection, according to newly published research from the UK and the US.
Effect of Holding Temperature, Shackling on Broiler Breast Meat Quality
Temperature and handling before slaughter affected the colour and texture of the breast muscle in an experiment in Alberta, Canada, but researchers commented that the differences may not be significant commercially. Differences in the muscle quality attributable to gender of the bird may be more important than previously thought.
Cherry-red Steaks - a Question of Muscle
Muscular cattle are more likely to produce the cherry-red coloured steaks preferred by consumers, according to new Beef CRC research conducted at Murdoch University in Australia.
* Market Reports

 » USDA National Dairy Products Sales Report
 » BPEX Export Bulletin – Week 15
 » QMS Market Report - March 2012
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: India Reports Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza to OIE
 » AHDB UK Market Survey - 13 April 2012
 » AHDB European Market Survey - 13 April 2012

* Company News

Bettcher Breading Machine Wins NRA Award
US - The Optimax KC-1 model of batter breading machines from Bettcher has received a 2012 Kitchen Innovations Award by the National Restaurant Association.
* Global Meat Industry News

   United States

 » Health, Safety Breaches: Yamaya Halts Processing
 » FDA Introduces Voluntary Initiative on Antimicrobials
 » Industry Condemns Misleading Claims About Supermarket Chicken
 » Half of Supermarket Chicken Tainted by Faeces
 » CME: Cutout Values Still High, Feeder Cattle Still Low
 » Meats, Cheese Drive Increase in Retail Food Prices
 » Yamaya Agrees to Correct FDA Food Safety Violations
 » Congresswoman Welcomes FDA Move on Antibiotics
 » CME: Meat Trade Data Good/ Bad for Protein Markets
 » February Pork Exports Well Above Last Year
 » CME: Beef, Pork, Poultry Output Down Last Week
 » How to Curb Discharge of the Most Potent GHG
 » FDA Issues Current Thinking About Antibiotic Use
 » Beef Export Value Remains Strong
 » Superior Farms Expands Distribution
 » Huge Changes Needed to Ensure Safety of LFTB
 » CME: Lean Hog Futures Continue to Slide
 » Weekly Roberts Market Report
 » ConAgra Buys Odom's Tennessee Pride

   United Kingdom

 » Weekly Roberts Market Report
 » British Shoppers Back Red Tractor
 » Research Call on Norovirus in Foods
 » Call to Capitalise on World-Class Technical Expertise
 » Campylobacter Found in Supermarket Chicken
 » LMC: Strong Retail Red Meat Sector Last Year in NI
 » Dairy Crest to Close Plants Amid Tesco Contract End
 » Death of BSE Safety Campaigner


 » BAP Gains Northern Harvest Processing Plant
 » Canada Invests in Toronto Processing Plant
 » DNA Traceability to Improve Food Safety
 » Bilateral FTAs Key to Expansion of Pork Exports


 » Offal Exports to Japan Down
 » Record February Lamb Production
 » CRC Sees Healthy Role for Australian Pork
 » Free to Roam Chicken Case in Federal Court
 » Industry Defends Milk Permeate Scares

   New Zealand

 » Union Contacts Talley’s Customers Over Lockout
 » SFO Throws Out Meat Workers Union Complaint

   European Union

 » EU Project into International Spread of Germs on Food
 » European Pig Producers Did Better Last Year
 » EU Draws up Animal Cloning Options
 » Programme Launches First Food Security Initiative
 » Denmark, Netherlands Use Welfare Directive Against Spain
 » EU Pig Prices: Conditions Still Stable in EU Markets
 » New Target for Reduction of Salmonella in Turkeys
 » BPEX Updates Likely Impacts of EU Stalls Ban


 » China to Import Pork from Mexico
 » Consider Post-Gut Chilling to Increase Efficiency
 » Living under the Shadow of Pesticides and Antibiotics
 » Want to Guess How Much Food Is Tossed in Landfills?
 » McDonald's Names New COO


 » Danish Crown Celebrates 10 Years in Oldenburg
 » Dioxin Eggs Raise Questions over Effectiveness of Germany’s New Food Safety Laws


 » Farm Produce Prices Fall for Third Week
 » China Expects Slowing Farm Produce Price Growth
 » Athletes Avoid Meat Ahead of Olympics


 » March Chicken Exports Up Compared to a Year Ago
 » Brazil Hosts 24th World Poultry Congress


 » More Food for Fewer People?


 » Robot to Detect Tainted Meat
 » South Korea Opens Market to Philippine Poultry


 » Argentina to Cut Thermoprocessed Meat Taxes


 » High Hopes for Beef in Portugal


 » Beef, Pork, Chicken Production Increases in 2012


 » Chicken Prices Reach Record High

   Viet Nam

 » Tainted Pig Feed Ingredients Seized in Viet Nam


 » Beef Prices Fell 19 Per Cent in Last Six Months


 » Fonterra to Invest in Plant in Indonesia


 » Colombian Agricultural Industry Concerned About FTA

   Korea, South

 » Korean Cattle Slaughter Up 50 Per Cent


 » Market Access for Irish Beef to China


 » Useful By-Products from King Crab

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