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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 21 March 2012

TheMeatSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 21st March 2012
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Could High Meat Prices Stay?

Livestock prices across Europe have been rising over the last year and keeping ahead of the previous year's prices, largely on the back of high feed and input costs.

However, it now appears that feed costs are on the decline, which in turn should mean that livestock and consequently meat prices will fall.

However, this scenario is not as simple as it seems.

With tight supplies and other production costs coming into play, prices are still expected to remain high.

In the egg industry, the effect of the ban on battery cages and the new regulations demanding enriched cages for laying hens has caused a shortage of eggs on the market.

In consequence, egg prices have risen by nearly 50 per cent over the last year going up from €105.93 per tonne in January last year to €150.72 in February this year.

With the ban on sow stalls coming into effect at the beginning of next year and already 12 out of the 27 European states declaring that they will not be ready to meet the new regulations, there could be a similar pig shortage and price hike in pig meat by the end of the year.

In the beef sector in Europe, prices are still remaining high despite falling consumption across the continent.

In the US, beef market economists are reporting that the beef herd has dropped by nine per cent since 2007 and falling slaughter numbers are expected up to 2014.

Producers are starting to retain heifers to start building up the herd, but this retention will mean fewer numbers going for slaughter and hence high prices in future.

Dry weather conditions in both Europe and the US could also have an effect on feed grain crops and if there are lower yields this year, then prices of corn, wheat and soy for feed are likely to rise again, in turn having a knock on effect for livestock and meat prices.

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Clean Vehicle Programme to Cut Pig Diseases
A study into vehicle cleaning facilities abattoirs was conducted by BPEX with the aim to reduce the risk of spreading diseases in the UK pig industry, according to Colin Stone of BPEX. As a result of the study, from April 2012, it will be required for adequate facilities for the cleaning and disinfection of livestock vehicles to be available at all times at abattoirs.
Effect of Rapeseed Meal on Turkey Meat Quality
Feeding graded levels of rapeseed meal up to 18 per cent of the diet to growing turkeys did not impact final bodyweight but researchers based in Poland observed adverse effects on feed conversion and functional properties of the meat at higher levels of inclusion, as well as changes in meat fatty acid composition.
Irish Meat & Livestock Review & Outlook 2011/12
The combined value of meat and livestock exports grew by an estimated 11 per cent to almost €2.8 billion in 2011. All the main species experienced strong growth with the exception of live exports.
Methods of Meeting Critical Issue of Food Safety
Food products were never safer, more varied, or of such high quality than they are today. Nevertheless, there is a discrepancy between food facts and public perception.
Chinese Policies Attempt to Smooth the Cycle
Chinese officials use a variety of policy measures that are intended to reduce cyclical fluctuations in pork production, explain Fred Gale, Daniel Marti and Dinghuan Hu in a report entitled ‘China’s Volatile Pork Industry’ from the USDA Economic Research Service.
* Market Reports

 » USDA GAIN: Russian Livestock & Products Semi-annual
 » USDA Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook March 2012
 » BPEX Export Bulletin – Week 11
 » USDA International Meat Review - 15th March 2012
 » AHDB UK Market Survey - 16 March 2012
 » Dairy Products Prices Highlights
 » AHDB European Market Survey - 16 March 2012
 » USDA GAIN: NZ Cattle & Beef Semi-Annual Report
 » USDA GAIN: China Poultry & Products Semi-annual
 » Utilisation of Milk by Dairies in England and Wales
 » Rabobank Dairy Quarterly
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: USDA Agricultural Projections to 2021
 » Catfish Processing Down Three Per cent from Last Year
 » February 2012 Catfish Feed Deliveries Up 53 Per cent

* Company News

David Harris Joins Foodmate US as Service Technician
US - Foodmate US has announced the addition of David Harris to its team of service technicians.
Multivac Improves Automatic Traysealers
GERMANY - Multivac has improved the performance of its automatic traysealer models and it has designed the product range to match the current market requirements even more closely.
* Global Meat Industry News


 » Ag Implications of US, European Market Volatility
 » End to Hormone Beef Trade War
 » USMEF Market Education Program Features Stops
 » China Issues New Licences for Uruguayan Beef

   United States

 » Government May Lower Poultry Inspection Standards
 » Consumer Confidence in Beef Safety Increases
 » Meat Packer Denies Dumping Blood in River
 » CME: Beef Cutout Fell, Poultry Up Last Week
 » CME Chedder Blocks Increase 7.5 cents
 » Reducing STECs in Cattle Prior to Slaughter
 » BSE Regulations: US Could Lift Beef Import Ban
 » Dry Whey Futures Settle Higher
 » Cattle Outlook: Beef Imports Exceeded Exports
 » US Poultry & Egg Industry Supports US-Korea FTA
 » How Safe are Ground Beef Products?
 » Trade with Russia Significant for US Agriculture
 » CME: Warm Winter Led to Heavier Steers on Market
 » Weekly Roberts Market Report
 » Beef Supplies Short in 2012, Herd to Expand


 » Government Set to Establish Food Safety Programme
 » Firm Admits to Selling Dead Ducks
 » Farm Produce Prices Rise on Reduced Supplies
 » Half of Cooked Meats Tested Substandard


 » Abattoir Owner Defends Pig Slaughter Method
 » Govt Promotes Aussie Fish as Sustainable & Healthy
 » Bacon Week Set to Sizzle Across Australia
 » Australia Sets Global Marketing Programme

   United Kingdom

 » New Programme to Stimulate Growth of Food Sector
 » Consultation on Lactic Acid Use on Beef
 » LMC: Strong Prices Paid for Heifers in Recent Weeks
 » One in Four UK Broilers from Alternative Systems
 » Shetland’s Sustainable Seafood Congratulated
 » VION Axed at Sainsbury Poultry Supplier
 » LMC Red Meat Prospects Conference
 » New Campaign to Highlight Versatility of Bacon


 » Safety Fears Tighten Pork Control Measures
 » Large Scale Meat Safety Tests Underway

   Korea, South

 » US Beef Tariff Reduction Impact on Korean Market
 » Korea to Extend Pork Tariff Quota


 » Planned Upgrade to Maple Leaf Plants Applauded
 » Investment in Beef InfoXchange System Welcomed
 » Canada Looks to Strengthen Livestock Traceability
 » Canada Recalls Seven Months Worth of Frozen Beef

   European Union

 » Resistance to Antimicrobials Unchanged
 » International Spread of Food Pathogens Studied
 » Widespread Law-breaking on European Pig Farms
 » Hormone, Antibiotic Residues in Animals Stabilised
 » EU Pig Prices: Quotations Still Getting Nowhere
 » What Links Pig Carcass Downgrades with Bluetongue, Schmallenberg?
 » Livestock Prices Up - Feed Prices Rising

   Viet Nam

 » Viet Nam Implored to Boycott Poisonous Pork
 » Puzzlement over Seafood Antibiotic Residue Control
 » No Cause for Worry on Pork Quality in Market

   Russian Federation

 » Cherkizovo Pork, Poultry Sales Volume Up in 2011 Q4
 » Russian Poultry Meat Output Set to Rise 7 Per Cent
 » Cherkizovo Completes Share Buy-back


 » Zambia Able to Meet Growing Local Demand


 » Jalisco is Latest State to Export Pork to Korea


 » Slaughter & Beef Consumption Up in Argentina


 » BAP Programme Certifies Comsur Ltd Salmon Plant


 » Sardine Fishery Commits to MSC Reinstatement


 » Agrifirm & Doux Take over Poultry Feed Plant
 » Minced Meat, Raw Minced Pork Not for Children

   New Zealand

 » Affco Dispute Escalates over Easter
 » ANZCO Chief Beef and Lamb New Zealand Director


 » Mixed Trends in Livestock Supplies to Date
 » Egg Producers Not Seeing Benefit of Rising Prices


 » Israeli Arab Farmers Brought into State Quota System


 » US Pork Market Access to Thailand

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