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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 15 February 2012

TheMeatSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 15th February 2012
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Abattoir Inspections and Safety Stepped Up

In Australia the New South Wales Government is to stepping up random inspections of abattoirs following the shut-down of slaughtering operations at a Western Sydney abattoir.

The NSW Government suspended operations at the abattoir after the Food Authority received a video showing mistreatment of animals at the plant.

Strict measures, including additional unannounced audits and inspections, will be ramped up to ensure all domestic abattoirs in NSW are aware of their responsibility to comply with standards under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTA) 1979 and the Food Regulation 2010, the government oficials said.

In China, the authorities have launched a campaign to regulate slaughterhouses in an effort to ensure the quality of meat products.

The campaign was introduced in a notice released by nine ministries, including the Ministry of Commerce (MOC), the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

The seven-month campaign will be conducted among designated slaughterhouses, correcting illegal activity and decertifying substandard slaughterhouses.

In the US, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is extending the implementation date for sampling of six additional STEC serogroups (O26, O45, O103, O111, O121 and O145) for 90 days.

FSIS said that the purpose of the extension is to provide additional time for establishments to validate their test methods and detect these pathogens prior to entering the stream of commerce.

Chris Harris

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Phosphate Additives in Food—a Health Risk
Meat and food products with a high phosphate content should be labelled and there should be a greater public education programme about the use of phosphates, according to a new study published in Deutsches Ärzteblatt International, writes TheMeatSite Editor in Chief Chris Harris.
Herbs and Berries Can Preserve Meat Products Naturally
Herbs and berries in organic meat production can kill two birds with one stone – the meat is conserved in a natural and healthy way and consumers are offered products with an exciting new taste.
What Next for UK Poultry?
If the industry is to keep its competitive power in the consolidating EU market, it will need to improve efficiency, according to a new report from Rabobank.
Encoding Expert Knowledge for Food Processing Technologies
People are versatile and can learn to function expertly in many different capacities, writes Dr Ai-Ping Hu from the Georgia Tech Research Institute.
Role of Science in the Meat Industry
The relationship between consumer perception of quality and the food industry's drive to satisfy consumer needs is complex and involves many different components.
It Takes a Satellite To Feed the World
It is ironic that just when Earth-monitoring satellites are needed more than ever to address the food and freshwater demands of a burgeoning global human population, we face an impending gap in coverage by the Landsat program, according to the USDA ARS.
* Global Meat Industry News

   United Kingdom

 » Not All Bacon is the Same
 » New Markets Opening for Welsh Beef & Lamb
 » Bill for Grocery Adjudicator Needed Urgently
 » Further Discussion on Forthcoming EU Ban on Stalls
 » 2011 Pork Imports Higher Than a Year Ago
 » LMC: Cattle Supplies Thin Locally in January
 » Sainsbury's Goes the Egg-stra Mile for Happy Hens
 » VION to Announce Changes to Management Structure
 » ANM Group Appoints New Chief Executive
 » Ashley Bowes Has Passed Away
 » UK Finally Free of Barren Battery Cages
 » Pig Meat Imports Expected to Remain Tight

   New Zealand

 » New Zealand Pork Seeks New CEO
 » Good Prices Continue for NZ Beef


 » Ag Minister Forecasts Greater Meat Exports
 » Sadia to be Integrated into Brasil Foods
 » Rise in January 2012 Pork Export Volume, Value


 » Mexican Beef Exports to Russia Increase
 » US Ends Restrictions on Beef Exports to UAE
 » Chain of Custody Certification for ASC Seafood
 » China Opens Doors to Canadian Beef Tallow
 » Success in Sight in BSE Battle
 » FAO Food Price Index Rebounds in January
 » Allendale: US Meat Supply vs Global Demand
 » Major Mission Heads to South Africa
 » International Review Forecasts Firm Prices
 » China Pork Imports Rise; Irish Beef Production Drops
 » Russian Govt Approves New Meat Import Quotas
 » Will McDonald's Phase Out of Stalls Have a Global Impact?


 » Beef and Veal Exports to South Asia Surge
 » Lamb & Mutton Exports to South Asia Rise in January
 » Aussie Beef Exports Valued at A$4.7 Billion in 2011
 » 'Free to Roam' Chicken Claims to be Tested in Court
 » Middle East Trade Important for Australia
 » Chilled Grassfed Beef Supply Tight in Japan
 » Action Taken to Ramp Up Abattoir Inspections
 » Strong Prawn Prices Despite no Export Market
 » John West Sustainable Seafood Partnership with WWF


 » Brasil Foods Forms Chicken JV in China
 » China Pork Prices Higher in January
 » Govt to Wipe Out Substandard Slaughtering
 » Chinese Campaign to Regulate Slaughterhouses
 » VC, PE Firms Show Appetite for Food Industry
 » ERS Report Highlights Volatility of China’s Pork Industry
 » Chinese Pig Meat Imports up Sharply


 » Call for Stepped-Up Biosecurity
 » Improved Profits Projected for Pork Producers
 » Maple Leaf Foods to Close Poultry Plant
 » Making Nutrition Labelling More Understandable
 » Contributions to Improved Animal Handling


 » Lean Fish Provide Omega 3

   United States

 » Japan Looks To Raise US Beef Age Limit
 » Weekly Roberts Market Report
 » Consumers Gain Access to Raw Milk Purchases
 » FSIS Extends Date for E.Coli Testing Programme
 » CME: Cheese Production Growth Slowed in 2011
 » CME: Whey, NDM Prices Lower
 » US Market Firm for Australian Imports
 » GIPSA Alleges Nebraska Beef Broke Weighing Rules
 » CME: Changes for Beef, Pork & Poultry Supplies
 » CME: Powder Exports Slower in December
 » AMI 2011 Meat and Poultry Facts Now Available
 » Second Complaint on Cruelty to Federal Agencies
 » US Red Meat Exports Top $11.5 Billion in 2011
 » NCC Attacks CDC Categorisation of Poultry
 » NMA and NAMP Make New Association Official
 » CME: Beef Exports Slowed, Pork Up in December
 » Consumers Buy Higher-Quality Steaks
 » New Pork Export Records Set in 2011
 » CME: US Cheese Imports Down 34% Since 2002


 » Bachoco Experiences Increases in Production Costs

   Russian Federation

 » Schmallenberg: Russia Bans EU Cattle Imports
 » Russia Suspends Lamb and Beef Exports from EU
 » Russian Visit Paves Way for British Exports


 » OleoServ Takes over Harles & Jentzsch Assets
 » Phosphate Additives Pose a Risk to Health
 » Strong Exhibitor Demand for EuroTier 2012


 » Poultry Products' Sales Fall 50 Per Cent

   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Slaughter Companies & Strike Prices

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