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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 30 November 2011

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Global Autumn Beef Prices Remain High

This autumn is seeing higher beef prices in Europe with the UK, Irish and Northern Irish industry all report increases.

Meat plants in the Irish Republic are paying a base price of €4.00/kg for steers and €4.10/kg to €4.15/kg for heifers.

Farmgate beef prices in Northern Ireland have been significantly higher than 2010 levels throughout 2011 and now they are having an impact on retail prices, which is putting retail demand under pressure.

The average price of beef in UK was £6.50 - about seven per cent (47p/kg) more than in the same period last year.

There has been a similar rise in prices in the US, with Choice steer prices regaining some of the previous week’s loss.

However, according to CME prices failed to break the record weekly average price of $125.49/cwt live set in the week ended 13 November.

Last week’s $124.90/cwt live is the second highest ever recorded. It is clearly supported by a record high weekly choice cutout value of $196.64/cwt.

That broke the weekly record of $194.52 set the week before which, in turn, broke the old record of $193.30 set back in October 1993.

Pig meat prices in the EU are also remaining steady and high according to the latest analyst reports.

In the US, the agrifood and meat processing giant, Cargill, has found itself at the centre of a massive discrimination case.

The US Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has filed an administrative complaint against Cargill Meat Solutions, alleging that the company systematically discriminated against 4,069 qualified female, white, black, Hispanic and Native American applicants, who were seeking entry-level production jobs at its Springdale facility.

Chris Harris

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 9 new features this week:

Sustaining Feed Fuel and Food
Consumer spending on food is expected to double over the next decade, writes TheMeatSite editor in chief, Chris Harris.
Ireland Looks To Germany For Beef Export Opportunities
Ireland is the fourth largest exporter of beef worldwide and is now looking to Germany to increase its market share, said Justin McCarthy, Editor for the Irish Farmers Journal at the Eblex Annual Conference 2011. Charlotte Johnston, TheMeatSite editor reports.
Health Risk from Well-done Meat Underestimated
Mice are often used to test whether substances in food are harmful to humans. This requires that mice and humans metabolise substances in the same way.
Poultry Meat – a Sustainable EU Market
EU food security is under pressure.The net trade position of the EU poultry meat sector is projected to deteriorate over the next 10 years driven by a steady increase in meat imports (mainly of poultry meats and beef) and a parallel decline in meat exports (of poultry, beef and pig meats).
GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS – Chicken Wins in Europe on Price and Versatility
Poultry meat consumption is expected to rise steadily to 2020, with average consumption reaching 24.5kg, which is six per cent more than in 2009, writes Terry Evans, while uptake in the rest of Europe has expanded more rapidly and will continue to do so.
Pasture Poultry Production Target of Study
The Center for Food Safety is participating in a grant project that will determine the food safety risk of small on-farm poultry processing systems – known as pasture poultry production – and evaluate other aspects of their operations.
Combating Cod Fraud In Europe
Higher public awareness of sustainable fishing practices, led by environmental NGOs, may have helped reduce the incidence of mislabelled fish in the UK, compared to Ireland, according to a recent study which assessed levels of fish fraudulently sold as ‘cod’ in these two countries.
Spain Dairy Annual Voluntary Report 2011
Spain is one of the few EU countries with a structural deficit of milk production that is enshrined in its quota allocation, according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Short Term Outlook for Arable Crop, Meat and Dairy Markets
EU agricultural markets are strongly affected by the macroeconomic outlook, according to the European Commission's Short Term Outlook for Arable Crop, Meat and Dairy Markets. Online Book Shop
* Company News

Printer Network Instead of Isolated Applications
GERMANY - With MULTIVAC PrintingPoint MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection has developed a software solution, which connects the printers of different packaging lines to one network. In this way all the printing units can be operated from one central computer.
Innovation from Stainless Steel
GERMANY - Small fragments of plastic in meat products can be annoying and also cause safety issues.
Ekro Ensures Full Traceability
NETHERLANDS - Dutch meat processor Ekro needed a faster and more flexible printing and identification labelling system to address increasingly stringent industry regulations, manufacturing expansion and increasing customer demand.
* Global Meat Industry News

   United Kingdom

 » Junior Minister Attacks the CAP
 » Xmas Turkey Price Gap 'Not As Big As Many Think'
 » LMC: Retail Beef Prices Edge Higher In Autumn
 » Antibiotic Sales Increase In UK
 » UK Slaughter Statistics - November 2011
 » Wagyu Beef Now Available In Asda
 » Tulip Planning on Expanding in the UK
 » Pig Producers Invited to Invest in Chile
 » Will The Strikes Affect UK Meat Industry?
 » New Research Identifies Norovirus Levels In Oysters
 » Turkey Sales to Take Off for Moy Park at Christmas

   United States

 » CME: Frozen Meat Down From Last Month/Year
 » Commercial Red Meat Production up Slightly
 » Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
 » Plumrose Breaks Ground for New Facility
 » Cargill Acquires Provimi Creating Leading Nutrition Business
 » CME: Markets Mostly Lower Going Into Holiday
 » Prostate Cancer Linked to Meat Consumption
 » RTC Weight Down Two Per Cent from Last Year
 » More Sick in US Salmonella Outbreak
 » Salmonella Outbreak Worse than Expected
 » CME: Steer Prices Gained Back Last Weeks Loss
 » Market Preview: Sow Count and Production Trends
 » CME: Cheese Use Down, Butter/Powder Use Up In Q3
 » CME: Markets Get Post-Holiday Pick-Up
 » Hormel Foods Distributes Annual Profit Sharing
 » 2012 Farm Bill: Concerns Over Legality of US M-Cool
 » Discrimination Complaint Filed against Cargill


 » DA: No Price Controls for Pork, Chicken for Now


 » Qataris Campaign Against Sale of Pork

 » Philippines Working to Ship Pork to South Korea
 » USMEF Welcomes South Korea FTA
 » Asian Meat Consumption Performing Strongly
 » NZ to Canada: Get Rid of Poultry & Dairy Quotas
 » Beef Exports To South Asia Driven By Global Supply
 » UK's Chance To Secure Beef Export With China
 » Prices Stay High in Difficult Times
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: Africa
 » CPF Aims to Control China and Viet Nam Businesses
 » US Beef Imports To Japan Up 37 Per Cent


 » Danish Crown Demonstrates Stable Competitiveness
 » Rose Poultry Managing Director Dies


 » Lahore Slaughterhouse Nears Completion


 » Symposium To Discuss Dairy Powder Functionality


 » Greater Focus on HACCP Recommended
 » BC Poultry Industry Warned to Halt Antibiotic Use
 » Grand River Foods Sells Poultry Processing Division
 » Positive Outlook For Crop, Meat & Dairy Producers


 » Hide Prices Easing
 » Abattoir to Lose Licence After Abuse Investigation
 » Plans Progressing for Darwin Abattoir


 » Brazilian Poultry Exports Up
 » Brazil Hog Markets


 » Slack Demand Keeping Poultry Products Flat

   European Union

 » EU Ag Products Improved Access To Norway
 » EU Pig Prices: Mostly Steady on a High Level
 » Improving Functioning of Food Supply Chain

   Hong Kong

 » Chicken Supplier to Explore Acquisition-Led Growth


 » EuroTier 2012: Top Event for Agriculture


 » 113 Penalised Over Chemical Tainted Pork
 » Experts Vouch for Safety of China's Pork Industry
 » Anhui Taiyang Poultry Reports Profits Rise

   Viet Nam

 » Viet Nam Seizes 2.5 Tons of Illegal, Rotten Pork


 » IFA Urges Extension of Pig & Poultry COOL Rules
 » Lamb Prices Very Solid, Says IFA
 » Cattle Trade Remains Strong

   Russian Federation

 » Cherkizovo Opens New Poultry Plant

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