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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 23 November 2011

TheMeatSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 23rd November 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Meat Inspection Practices in Canada under Fire

Over the last week the meat inspection system in Nova Scotia in Canada received a slap in the face as it was criticised by the auditor general, Jacques R. Lapointe, for being inadequate.

Mr Lapointe said the department fo agriculture is not adequately managing its duty to audit or inspect facilities that process meat or slaughter animals for human consumption.

He said that this failure increases public health risks associated with meat and meat products.

"While inspections of slaughtering activities are conducted as required, we found that departmental audits of slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities are not being done with regularity or consistency, and there is little enforcement of compliance by the facilities with regulations and standards, when problems are discovered," he said.

In Europe, moves are being made to crack down on antibiotic misuse and abuse.

The European Commission sees antimicrobial resistance as a growing problem and because of this, it has launched an action plan detailing 12 concrete actions to be implemented in close cooperation with the Member States.

European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli said: "We need to take swift and determined action if we do not want to lose antimicrobial medicines as essential treatment against bacterial infections in both humans and animals."

The action plan has been put into place to prevent resistant bacteria from being transferred from animals to humans via the food chain or through direct contact.

The German ministry of agriculture has also announced a series of measures to gain better control of the use of anitbiotics in livestock rearing and a study in the US by Tufts University School of Medicine calls for a stricter control on the use of antibiotics as growth promoters.

The French food safety authority has attacked moves to reintroduce meat and bonemeal in animal feed.

The authority, while acknowledging progress made in the way the industry is organised, considers that the necessary conditions to allow a safe use of PAPs - processed animal protein as it is now called - have not yet been met.

Chris Harris

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 8 new features this week:

Meeting Global Demand for More Meat
As the world has welcomed its 7 billionth person, the concerns of meat and food producers globally are turning to how this ever growing population is going to be few, writes TheMeatSite Editor in Chief, Chris Harris.
Process Safety Ensures Quality
The processing of meat into fresh and frozen meat and meat and sausage products poses a number of complex challenges for industrial producers and those who process by hand.
What Effect Will Eurozone Crisis Have On Northern Ireland's Red Meat Industry?
With the future of the Eurozone hanging in the balance, The Livestock and Meat Commission discusses the future of the Northern Ireland red meat industry.
Capturing Full Environmental and Social Impacts of Products
Carbon footprint labels communicate just one aspect of a product's environmental impact. A recent study for the EU has called for an enhanced ecolabelling scheme, called 'sustainable product indexing', that recognises the broader, complex social and environmental impacts of products.
Taiwan Dairy and Products Annual Report 2011
Taiwan's fluid milk production is forecast to reach about 379,000 metric tons in calendar year (CY) 2012, an increase of four per cent above the estimated CY 2011 production level, according to teh USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Japan Poultry and Products Annual Report 2011
Recovery of domestic broiler meat production from the previous year's decline is overshadowing Japan's 2012 import outlook. Total imports are expected to decline, impacting mostly high-priced imports from Brazil, according to teh USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
International Meat Review - 10 November 2011
North American pig herd numbers are rising with the latest figes from Canada showing a slight rise in numbers of their herd, according to the USDA's International Meat Review.
Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook - November 2011
US beef, pork and poultry exports are all up, according to the latest Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook from the USDA's Economic Research Service.
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