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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 1 June 2011

TheMeatSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 1st June 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Brazil Beef Exports Slide on Exchange Rate Strength

It would appear that Brazil is starting to feel strains of global market forces.

Beef exports from the country, which were once rising sharply and threatening the trade of other beef exporters around the world, are now in decline.

The reason is the current exchange rates. At one time Brazil was favoured by a weak Real and exports were cheap. Now it is stronger against other currencies and it is forcing Brazilian beef back onto the domestic market.

Last month higher supply of Brazilian beef forced prices down.

For the US, export demand for pork, particularly from the South Korean market is rising and as US pork is being seen as more competitively priced, because of exchange rates, the demand for the product is expected to rise.

A decision within the World Trade Organization over objections to Country of Origin Labelling by the Canada and Mexico against the US could end the hopes of COOL legislation being carried.

If this is the case, the decision with have deep repercussions around the world and particularly in the US export circles.

Ukraine has also reported a sharp rise in exports of pig meat for the first quarter of the year.

In Australia, a TV news film showing inhumane treatment of cattle at slaughterhouses in Indonesia has halted live export trade to 11 abattoirs.

Chris Harris

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Product Recalls - Be Prepared
Twitter and social media are giving a new dimension to the way companies have to handle product recalls, writes TheMeatSite editor in chief, Chris Harris.
CDC Assesses Potential Human Exposure to Prion Diseases
Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have examined the potential for human exposure to prion diseases, looking at hunting, venison consumption, and travel to areas in which prion diseases have been reported in animals.
Comparing Purchases of Eco-labelled Products
Ecolabels can help encourage sustainable consumption. A new study has compared the national organisation of environmental (eco and organic) labels and its impact on purchases of labelled products in 18 European countries.
Dutch Processing Sector Takes Off
The turnover of the Dutch fish processing industry and wholesale sector rose nominally in the period 2005-2009 by 15 per cent from €2.7 to €3.1 billion. The actual growth amounts to 10 per cent.
Effective Management for Sustainable Shellfish Stocks
The sustainable management of shellfish needs a long-term strategy to apply precautionary approach concepts to shellfish stocks, writes Chris Harris.
* Company News

LIMA Distributors Gather in Quimper
FRANCE - On 10 May 2011 more than 60 attendees representing over 40 distributors coming from the five continents gathered at LIMA for their 4th Agents meeting and to celebrate the 30th Jubilee of the Company founded in 1981.
* Global Meat Industry News


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   United States

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 » JBS USA Extends Term Loan B to $475million
 » Innovative Nutritional Software Contributed to ISU
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 » CME Daily Livestock Report
 » Texas Meat Processor Cited over Safety
 » Cargill Appoints News Business Development VP
 » US COOL May Not Survive Legal Challenges
 » CME: Pork Export Demand Exceptionally Strong in Q1
 » Charles City Poultry Plant to Re-Open


 » Identifying Foods and Pathogens in Foodborne Illness
 » Manitoba Pork Producers to Focus on Trade Advocacy
 » New Testing Method For Shellfish Toxins
 » Ruling on US COOL Generates Cautious Optimism
 » Movement of Canadian Cattle and Hogs to Canada

   New Zealand

 » High-Welfare Label for Free-Range Chicken
 » MAF to Defend Health Standards for Pork Imports
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 » Slovenia's Livestock Slaughter in March 2011


 » Workshop on China's Meat Industry Strategy
 » Brasil Foods & Dah Chong Hong Set up JV


 » Distinguising Between Sardines & Horse Mackerel


 » EC Authorises New Dutch Pig Carcass Grading Method


 » Paraguay to Reinforce Image at Meat Conference
 » Decline in Brazilian Beef Exports Continues
 » Brasil Foods in Share Buy Back Scheme
 » Brazilian Cattle Prices Ease In May


 » Dairy and Meat Processing Zone for Sindh


 » CPI Announces Investment Plans

   European Union

 » European Sheepmeat Output to Fall
 » EU Pig Prices: Prices About to Increase


 » LDC Profits Down on Rising Turnover


 » Government Must Push Ahead With Retail Legislation


 » Ukrainian Pork Exports Show Sharp Rise in 2011

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