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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 11 August 2010
Wednesday 11th August 2010
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Editorial - Labelling and Traceability Become Top Priorities

Following the revelation last week that meat from the offspring of cloned cattle had entered the food supply in the UK, the country's National Beef Association has called on all UK beef industry stakeholders, including dairy farmers who cull out cows and bulls, to do all they can to make sure they do not sell animals with cloned origins into the beef processing and retail distribution system.

NBA has asked Defra and dairy breed societies to make urgent arrangements for cattle with cloning backgrounds to be identified easily so disposal mistakes are not unwittingly made if the original purchaser of cloned embryos, or embryos taken from the offspring of cloned cattle, sells stock to new owners who are unaware of its breeding. "This could be done by putting the initial 'CL' after the name of female and male calves when they are registered and entered in the pedigree herd book," explained the NBA director.

In Australia, The Food Amendment (Beef Labelling) Act 2009 will commence on 31 August 2010, and give consumers a more reliable and consistent description of beef quality.

A senior official of the New South Wales Farmers' Association Cattle Committee explained: "The development of the Domestic Retail Beef Register for the retail sector and underpinning of the AUS-MEAT language in State legislation means consumers are now able to have confidence in the way beef is labelled."

From January 2011, if retailers use age as a description, beef needs to be described as 'yearling' (less than 18 months), 'young' (18 months to 2½ years), 'intermediate' (2½ to three years), 'mature' (three to 3½ years) or 'economy' (older than 3½ years).

And finally, although agreement was reached between the two countries involved for the resumption of US poultry exports to Russia, so-called 'technical issues' have still to be finalised.

Russia has raised 'further issues' with a trade agreement that was supposed to have restarted US poultry exports to the country after a six-month ban. Industry and government sources have not specified the issues raised, although more than 100 US plants are now on Russia's approved list.

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 7 new features this week:

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Americas Supply the Lion's Share of Poultry Meat Exports
The Americas not only account for the bulk of global production of chicken meat but it can also boast of having the world's largest exporters - Brazil and the USA, writes Terry Evans.
EU Pig Meat Production 2009
According to Eurostat, pig meat production in the EU-27 was just under 21.3 million tonnes last year – a reduction of almost six per cent compared to 2008. This rather modest average masks massive declines in output in some countries, especially some of the New Member States, writes TheMeatSite editor, Jackie Linden.
International Meat Review - 5 August 2010
The number of cattle and calves in the US on 1 July totalled 100.8 million head, 1.2 per cent less than a year ago, according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), the International Meat Review reports.
Environmental Sustainability of Beef Production Improves
Advances in productivity over the past 30 years have reduced the carbon footprint and overall environmental impact of US beef production, according to a new study presented by a Washington State University researcher.
Monitoring Oven Loading in Cooked Meat Operations
Fully cooked, ready-to-eat products continue to increase in popularity among consumers because of their convenience, writes Abby Vogel from Georgia Tech Research Institue.
Report Shows Processed Meat and Bladder Cancer Link
A new report from researchers at the US National Cancer Institute, Imperial College in London and AARP in Washington suggests that there is a "modest support" for an increased risk of bladder cancer from eating processed meat products.
Philippines - Hog Industry Updates
Pig production increased by more than 1.1 per cent in value terms in 2009 while per-capita pork consumption declined, according to Pia A. Ang in the latest GAIN report from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
LIMA - Quality in Meat-bone Separation
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