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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 7 April 2010
Wednesday 7th April 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Research Studies Test the Origins and Eating Quality of Meats

The Scottish red meat industry is this week embarking on a world-first project aimed at developing breakthrough technology to determine the eating quality of meat.

The Scottish Agricultural College has been announced as lead partner in the delivery of the £950,000 three-year project, jointly funded by Quality Meat Scotland and the Scottish Government.

Known as IMEQ (Integrated Measurement of Eating Quality), the project aims to develop a ground-breaking automatic or semi-automatic system to measure eating quality.

Scotland would be the first to have this novel technology which would deliver benefits throughout the meat production chain and could be integrated into existing systems used by meat processors.

In another British research project, supported by the British Pig Executive and QMS, technology has been developed, which will mean the origin of pork and pig meat products can be verified by testing.

This project - which could be used for products including bacon and ham - is nearing the stage of becoming a commercial reality.

The science at the heart of the project involves measuring the naturally occurring isotopes of five common elements found in pork.

Key to the technology is the ability to measure the ratio of specific isotopes, which differ very slightly in their characteristics in different geographic regions throughout the UK and the world.

A third UK study is being launch to benchmark the quality of beef being sold in English supermarkets.

Mystery shoppers will buy packs of beef from shops across the country before passing them on to be tested for toughness by the English Beef and Lamb Executive.

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Salmonella Contamination on Poultry Meat in Processing
Studies into testing poultry meat for Salmonella have called for a harmonisation of the procedures across Europe, writes TheMeatSite senior editor, Chris Harris.
High Oxygen Packaging Effects on Beef Cuts
Beef steaks stored in high-oxygen modified atmosphere packaging (HiOx-MAP) had more discoloration, lipid oxidation, and lower tenderness, juiciness, and flavour during nine days display compared to the steaks packaged in vacuum (VAC), according to a study for the Iowa State University Animal Industry Report - 2010.
UK Poultry and Poultrymeat Statistics - March 2010
This monthly publication by Defra combines the UK Hatcheries Survey and Poultry Slaughterhouse Survey results together with other Defra statistics, and trade data. It includes data to February 2010.
China - Livestock and Products Semi-Annual Report 2010
Chinese pork imports will rebound from sharply lower levels inspite of higher domestic production and beef production in 2010 will fall due to a continued fall in the country's cattle herd, according to Michael Woolsey and Jianping Zhang in the latest GAIN Report from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Mexico - Livestock and Products Semi-Annual Report 2010
Mexico's consumption of beef and pork is expected to increase in 2010, according to Zaida San Juan and Daniel R. Williams II in the latest GAIN Report from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Energy Use in the U.S. Food System
Energy use and the carbon footprint of fod production are raising concerns according to a new report for the USDA Economic Research Service by Patrick Canning, Ainsley Charles, Sonya Huang, Karen R. Polenske, and Arnold Waters.
LIMA - Quality in Meat-bone Separation
* Company News

VIV Europe Prepares to Welcome Global Animal Industry
NETHERLANDS - VIV Europe is about to open its doors for the international animal protein industry. VIV Europe 2010 takes place in Utrecht on 20 to 22 April.
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