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TheMeatSite Newsletter - 20 January 2010

TheMeatSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 20th January 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Country of Origin Labelling and Food Safety High on Agenda

Research in the UK has found that there is an awareness among consumers about country of origin, but it is not an all-consuming need.

However, the products that consumers want to see country of origin labelling on the most are meat and meat products.

Price and food safety information was found to be more important than country of origin.

Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling is to be one of the hot topics on the agenda at meetings between the Manitoba Pork Council and US government and pig industry officials.

The European Food Safety Authority has been reviewing the safety of smoked flavourings used in the EU on many meat, fish and dairy products.

Out of the 11 flavourings EFSA found that eight did have some safety concerns.

In Ireland, the report on the 2008 dioxin scare found that there were inadequacies in the feed business operators safety management system and also inadequacies in the inspection regime.

Negotiations have started between the US and Russia over the use of chlorine as a means of pathogen reduction in poultry plans and the safety aspects for consumers.

The use of the chemical has brought a halt to US exports of poultry meat to Russia.

Chris Harris

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Irish Export Growth Set to Resume
The outlook for Ireland's food sector is improving, according to Padraig Brennan, Strategic Information Services at Bord Bia.
Pig Numbers, Pork Output Fall in Australia in 2008
The latest ABARE statistics show a decline in the Australian pig industry. The report has been summarised by Jackie Linden for TheMeatSite.
International Meat Review - 7 January 2010
On December 30, USDA NASS released its quarterly Hogs and Pigs report. According to the data, the U.S. inventory of all hogs and pigs on December 1, 2009 equaled 65.81 million head, according to the USDA.
People's Republic of China - Livestock and Products Annual 2009
China's pork production will continue rising in 2010 to more than 50 million metric tons (MMT), while 2009 beef production is expected to slide six per cent to 5.8 MMT and continue falling in 2010, according to Michael Woolsey and Jianping Zhang in the latest GAIN report from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Brazil - Livestock and Products - Annual 2009
The beef sector is currently facing challenges due to a restructuring of Brazil's cattle sector and lower export volume, while pork production is forecast to continue to improve in 2010 after a good performance this year, according to Joao F. Silva in the latest GAIN report from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
People's Republic of China - Poultry and Products Annual - 2009
China's broiler meat production will rise three per cent in 2010 to 12.5 million metric tons, according to Michael Woolsey and Jianping Zhang in the latest GAIN Report from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. Higher domestic production will cause broiler meat imports in 2010 to slide three per cent. Egg output is also expected to rise three per cent.
LIMA - Quality in Meat-bone Separation
* Global Meat Processing Industry News

   United States

 » CME: Higher Average Pig Slaughter Weights in 2009
 » McDonald’s Elects Don Thompson as President
 » Poultry Company Launches Innovation Centre
 » Tyson Settles in Controversial Ad Case
 » November Beef, Pork Exports Continue 2009 Rebound
 » Weekly US Cattle Outlook: Increase In Corn Acres
 » CME: Pork, Beef Prices Reflect Supply and Demand
 » American Poultry Hall of Fame Inductees Announced
 » Cargill Reports Second Quarter Drop
 » President Obama Told Russian Food Claims Unfounded


 » Chinese Pork Import Opportunites for EU
 » Guidance for the Year 2010 from Zhongpin
 » AgFeed Splits Pig, Feed Businesses


 » International Egg and Poultry Review: Argentina


 » US Investment to Boost Rwanda's Poultry Industry Grasselli

 » CPI Steps Up Promotion of Canadian Pork
 » Bilateral FTAs Key to Expanding Exports
 » Progress to Restore Canadian Pork to China
 » Manitoba Pork Council to Discuss M-COOL with US

   United Kingdom

 » Ombudsman Victory
 » Clearer Labelling With Red Tractor
 » ANM Meat Processing And Abattoir Changes
 » Thames Valley Cambac Acquires ALM
 » Research On 'Country of Origin' Labelling Published
 » Consumers’ Response To Beef Price Increases
 » UK Slaughter Statistics - October-December 2009

   Russian Federation

 » Chlorine Ban Pushes up Russian Poultry Meat Prices
 » Poultry Meat Supply to be Secure by 2015, Says Putin
 » Poultry Meat Companies Support Chlorine Ban
 » Poultry Import Talks Start in Moscow Today


 » Cattle Co-Product Values Lower In 2009
 » Fire at Poultry Plant Threatens Jobs
 » Australian Beef Week Ready To Roll
 » Cattle Slaughter Remains Tight In November Meyn

 » Japan’s Beef Consumption Down In November


 » Wiesenhof Presses Charges over Alleged Cruelty


 » 67 Meat and Dairy Miss EU Standards

   European Union

 » EFSA Safety Assessments of Smoke Flavourings
 » Marketing Dairy Products
 » EU Pig Prices: Unchanged All Over Europe


 » Mixed Picture for Brazilian Poultry Exports in 2009
 » Brazilian Producers Look to Open New Markets


 » Red Meat Market Leaders Join Forces Online Book Shop

 » Pork Prices Head Up Ahead of Chinese New Year
 » Pork Price Controls Welcomed


 » Irish Cattle Supplies Lower in 2009
 » Report On Dioxin Contamination Incident


 » Mexican Government Investigates Poultry Sector


 » Spanish Hams Head for US


 » International Egg and Poultry Review: Thailand


 » Consumers Demand Prion Tests Of US Beef

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