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05 April 2012
Europe Demands Moratorium on Desinewed Meat
UK - The UK has been required to change the process by which a very small part of its meat processing industry removes meat...
02 April 2012
Education Needed on Lean Finely Textured Beef
US – Lean, finely textured beef “is meat” and a healthy form of protein, according to a Texas A&M University expert. ...
30 March 2012
Governors Back Industry in Textured Beef Row
US - A coalition of governors joined forces this week to support the US beef industry and set the record straight about lean...
26 March 2012
Americans Still Uninformed About “Pink Slime”
US - The public’s recent outcry to have ‘pink slime’ removed from ground meat products comes from "gross-out" images...
24 January 2012
Cause for Concern List Published
UK - A total of eight meat plants have been listed on the UK Food Standards Agency's list of companies that are a 'cause...
25 January 2011
Renderer Reports Good Fourth Quarter
US - Darling International Inc, a leading provider of rendering, recycling and recovery solutions to the nation's food industry,...
18 August 2010
Georgia Tech Announces New Research Programme
US - The Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP) of the Georgia Tech Research Institute has approved a total of 10...
11 June 2010
New Beef Cuts Unveiled At 2010 Beef Symposium
US - The Beef Checkoff Programme will officially debut new cuts from the beef round and value-driven retail merchandising...
14 April 2010
Increased Checks on Mechanical Classification Urged
IRELAND - IFA National Livestock Chairman Michael Doran said the Department of Agriculture must increase its levels of supervision...
15 March 2010
Butchery Site Even More Cutting Edge
UK - A new and improved version of the Cutting Edge, a free and unique resource featuring video clips of a master butcher...
27 January 2010
Controlling Bacteria In Beef Products
US - The American Meat Institute Foundation (AMIF) has released a detailed supplemental request for proposals on controlling...
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