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02 December 2014
Discovering What is Best in Eating Meat?
ANALYSIS -The construction of meat – the muscle fibre, the fat, the acidity and the colour – are all important aspects...
04 March 2014
Danish Crown Assumes Sole Ownership of Polish Company
DENMARK - Following a ten-year partnership with the Nordic meat company HKScan Group, Danish Crown is now taking full control...
12 February 2014
Russia, Hong Kong Took Most Brazilian Pork in January
BRAZIL - Brazilian pork exports were down by 13 per cent in January compared to the same month of 2012, writes Jackie Linden....
29 January 2014
New Poultry Meat Inspection Rules Could Improve Safety and Save Money
US - New moves by the USDA to change the system of poultry meat inspection will place more inspectors at the sharp end of...
13 June 2013
Judge Orders BPI Case Back to State Court
US - A US federal judge has sent the defamation case brought by Beef Products Inc against the broadcaster ABC back to the...
10 June 2013
New Labelling Rules for Mechanically Tenderised Beef Products
US – The US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service is proposing new requirements for labelling...
01 May 2013
Power of Meat at ICoMST
TURKEY - The Power of Meat in 21st Century is the theme of the 59th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology...
24 April 2013
NFU: Put Profitability Back into British Farming
UK - The NFU has called on Tesco to help bring profitability back to British farming and put more British food on British...
05 April 2013
What Future for Mechanically Separated Meat?
ANALYSIS - A new study from the European Commission's Panel on Biological Hazards (BIOHAZ) of the European Food Safety Authority...
28 March 2013
EFSA Studies Health Risks in Mechanically Separated Meat
EU - Microbiological and chemical hazards associated with mechanically separated meat derived from poultry and swine are...
22 January 2013
Improving Meat Standard Performance
AUSTRALIA - Collaboration between Tasmanian cattle producers and a major processor has improved compliance with Meat Standards...
13 December 2012
Government to be Advised Over Cattle BSE Tests
UK - The Food Standards Agency, in response to a European Commission proposal, has decided to bring a stop to testing older...
23 November 2012
New Layout for IFFA 2013
GERMANY – Major meat industry – IFFA - will have a new layout at the Frankfurt Trade Fair and Exhibition Centre from...
22 October 2012
UK Attacks Commission over Desinewed Meat
UK - The British Government has hit out at the European Commission over its handling of the moratorium on the use of desinewed...
23 August 2012
Audit Report Slams UK over Desinewed Meat
EU - A report from the EU's Food and Veterinary Office has slammed the UK food safety authorities for breaching the rules...
28 June 2012
Performing Two Steps Lines - Meat-Bone Debone and Separator
THAILAND - South East Asian markets are developing rapidly and at the same time the processed meat sector is also seeing...
24 May 2012
Quality in Meat-Bone Separation
ALGERIA - At the DJAZAGRO exhibition in Algiers recently, French company LIMA, promoted their RM 70 S model, which is mainly...
04 May 2012
Guidance on the Moratorium on Desinewed Meat
UK - The Food Standards Agency has published guidance to help meat processors comply with the moratorium on the production...
25 April 2012
Global Market for Coproducts is Changing
FRANCE - The global market for co-products is changing as the meat and poultry processing industry develops. ...
12 April 2012
Useful By-Products from King Crab
NORWAY - King crab tails are a little utilised resource, but a study has shown that boiled, peeled crab tails taste great...
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