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07 October 2014
UK Moves from Deadweight Average to Standard Pig Price
UK - The Deadweight Average Pig Price (DAPP) has been discontinued and all those currently receiving SMS will be migrated...
29 September 2014
Beef Stocks at Nine Year Low
US - US beef stocks stood at 343.7 million pounds of beef at the end of August, the lowest since July 2005....
17 September 2014
Drought and High Prices Keep Slaughter Figures High
AUSTRALIA - The past 12 to 18 months have been remarkable in terms of the number of sheep and cattle slaughtered - the result...
11 September 2014
Heinz Strengthens Animal Welfare Policies
GLOBAL - Global food processing giant, Heinz, has joined a growing line of major meat and food processors to strengthen their...
03 September 2014
Slaughterhouse Praised for Welfare
GERMANY - Temple Grandin, the world-renowned American expert on animal welfare and animal behaviour, has highly praised the...
26 August 2014
New Danish Cattle Slaughterhouse Opened by Prince Joachim
DENMARK - Danish Crown has celebrated the official opening of the company's first cattle slaughterhouse in Denmark for several...
25 August 2014
Australian Cattle Slaughter Reaches Highest Level in 25 years
AUSTRALIA - Throughout 2010-11 and 2011-12, excellent grazing conditions in Australia saw two years of a declining turn-off...
21 August 2014
Russian Demand Forces Brazil Meat Prices to Rocket
BRAZIL – Extra Russian demand is seeing ‘soaring’ pork prices in Brazil which is now inflating beef and chicken markets...
20 August 2014
A$20,000 Back-pay for Poultry Processors
AUSTRALIA - A labour-hire contractor, who short-changed 10 overseas workers, has agreed to back-pay its former employees...
12 August 2014
Hog Outlook: Monthly Meat Trade Data Now Available
US - Monthly meat trade data for June is now available, and for each of the first six months of 2014 pork exports have exceeded...
11 August 2014
Northern Irish Lamb Throughput Much Higher This Year
NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - Quotes from the plants for R3 grade lambs at the end of this week were 350p/kg with plants paying...
01 August 2014
Cargill Closes Milwaukee Beef Plant
US - US meat and agrifood business Cargill is to close its Milwaukee, Wisconsin, beef harvest plant, which employs approximately...
30 July 2014
Limited Quantities of Live Pigs on Offer in EU
EU - This week, the European pigs slaughter market proves to be inconsistent. Everything like falling via unchanged to increasing...
28 July 2014
Deadweight Lamb Prices Drop as Markets Report Good Trade
UK – Liveweight lamb sales reported firm trade as deadweight supplies have been able to meet demand, steadying prices....
23 July 2014
EU Pig Price Decline Brought to a Halt
EU - The European pig slaughter market is still rattled this week. For the third time in a row Germany took numerous quotations...
21 July 2014
CFIA Closes Northern Natural Processing
CANADA - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has suspended the operating licence of beef slaughterer Northern Natural Processing....
CFIA Closes Northern Natural Processing
CANADA - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has suspended the operating licence of beef slaughterer Northern Natural Processing....
18 July 2014
UK Meat Production Up
UK – Latest slaughter statistics for the UK show pork, beef and sheep production increased in June....
11 July 2014
Australian Lamb Slaughter Peaks in May
AUSTRALIA - The high drought-induced lamb slaughter seen throughout 2013 maintained momentum into the first few months of...
09 July 2014
More Instrument Grading Should be Used for Beef Carcases
US - Instrument grading of beef carcases should increasingly be used by the meat industry and further innovations and improvements...
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