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19 March 2015
How to Reduce Stress to Sheep in Non-stun Slaughter
ANALYSIS - Restraining lambs individually in a V-shaped restrainer for non-stun religious slaughter is more stressful for...
17 March 2015
Scottish Red Meats Covered By New Welfare Document
UK, SCOTLAND - Animal welfare has come to the fore in Scotland with the release of a document designed to "articulate and...
16 March 2015
Call on European Commission to Fully Enforce Slaughter Regulations
EU – The European Commission has been called on to phase out killing methods, which cause intense suffering to animals,...
Danish Crown Cuts Slaughter Capacity at Ringsted
DENMARK - After several years of falling slaughter pig production in Denmark, Danish Crown is again having to adjust slaughtering...
13 March 2015
Australian Goat Slaughter Level, Lower Exports
AUSTRALIA – Low goat slaughter in southern areas has been countered by higher northern turn-off, reports Meat and Livestock...
12 March 2015
Smaller Flock Set to Bring Short-term Rise in Australian Prices
AUSTRALIA – A short term production slump will drive up prices for Australia’s sheep sector as the industry commences...
05 March 2015
Spotlight on Halal Sector
UK - Opportunities and challenges facing the Halal sector will this month come under the spotlight at an event in Warwickshire....
27 February 2015
Moves to Increase Welfare in Non-stun Slaughter
UK - The British government is to look at ways of introducing post-cut stunning in religious slaughter systems....
23 February 2015
Call to Government to End Non-stun Slaughter on Day of Parliamentary Debate
UK - The British Veterinary Association (BVA), supported by the RSPCA, has called on the British Government to end non-stun...
09 February 2015
Pork 101: Hands-on Learning Experience Explores Quality and Value
US - Pork quality is affected by what happens to the animals on the farm, during transport and in the plant and that affects...
06 February 2015
Should CCTV Be Installed in Slaughterhouses?
UK - An all-seeing eye and independent monitoring would ensure the maximum quality of animal welfare conditions in slaughterhouses....
03 February 2015
Halal Slaughterhouse at Centre of Animal Cruelty Inquiry
UK - The Food Standards Agency in the UK has suspended the licences of three slaughtermen at a Halal slaughterhouse in Yorkshire...
02 February 2015
Rise in Paraguayan Cattle Slaughter
PARAGUAY – Cattle slaughter in Paraguay leapt 28 per cent, up 1.92 million, in 2014, as the industry continued rebuilding...
30 January 2015
Animal Welfare at Slaughter Improving in UK
UK - Animal welfare in slaughterhouses in the UK is improving....
28 January 2015
HKScan Completes Meat Plant Reorganisation Talks
FINLAND - Finnish meat processor HKScan has completed is negotiations with staff at its Mellilä plant over proposed reorganisation....
27 January 2015
EU Pig Slaughter Numbers Rose in October
EU pig slaughterings data for October from Eurostat indicate an increase on the year of two per cent, to 22.7 million head....
21 January 2015
Minister Visits New Danish Beef Slaughterhouse
DENMARK - It was with a big smile that Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Dan Jørgensen, this week visited the...
15 January 2015
French Abattoirs in Crisis as AIM Goes into Receivership
FRANCE - The Normandy abattoirs of the company AIM were placed in receivership this week with the hopes of finding a buyer....
14 January 2015
Promoting Humane Animal Handling Slaughter in Liberia
LIBERIA - The Humane Slaughter Association has funded a six-month project in Liberia to promote humane methods of slaughter...
19 December 2014
Brazilian Cattle Slaughter Down in Third Quarter
BRAZIL - Brazilian cattle slaughter during the third quarter fell by 4.5 per cent year-on-year and one per cent on the previous...
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