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07 November 2012
Ambitious Plan for Welfare, Reduction of Antimicrobials
DENMARK - On 2 November the Danish Parliament ratified an agreement on new strict rules for the use of antimicrobials in...
21 September 2012
Cargill DSM Talks over Cultures and Enzymes Business Sale
BELGIUM - Cargill can confirm that it is in exclusive discussions with Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials...
31 August 2012
Discovering the Uses of Wasted Herring Enzymes
NORWAY - Residual waste from herring should come to better use. Enzymes from herring can be used for washing powder and juice. ...
04 July 2012
Japan Bans Raw Beef Liver
JAPAN - Japan has banned the serving raw liver in restaurants after a series of food poisoning cases. ...
25 May 2012
Pressure on VION's Profits in 2011
NETHERLANDS - Food producer VION Food Group achieved a sven per cent increase in total turnover to €9.5 billion in 2011,...
14 May 2012
Myths about Enzymes in Meat Products Challenged
US - Meat manufacturers and experts have set the record straight on the uses of transglutaminase (TG) and beef fibrin, which...
09 May 2012
Approved Radiation, Ingredients for Meat Products
US - The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued a proposed rule on food ingredients and sources of radiation...
19 April 2012
VION Acquires BAIC Protein
AUSTRALIA - With the acquisition of BAIC Protein’s activities in Maryborough, VION Ingredients has started production of...
Fats and Fatty Acid Analysis Methods Updated
US - The American Oil Chemists’ Society and food processing giant Cargill have launched updated official methods for the...
26 March 2012
Americans Still Uninformed About “Pink Slime”
US - The public’s recent outcry to have ‘pink slime’ removed from ground meat products comes from "gross-out" images...
19 March 2012
How Safe are Ground Beef Products?
ANALYSIS - In recent weeks the US media has seen a frenzy of articles over the use of what it has described as "pink slime"...
08 March 2012
Rousselot in Joint Venture with Jellice
JAPAN - Meat and food procesing giant VION has signed a sales and distribution Joint Venture with the Japanese Company Jellice...
28 February 2012
Industrial Salt Sold to Cure Ham
POLAND - Five men in Poland have been charged with selling salt intended for industrial purposes to meat p[rocessing plants...
23 February 2012
Salmon Still Make Omega-3 Despite Plant Diet
NORWAY - Experiments performed by the National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) have shown that salmon...
17 February 2012
New Starter Culture Meets Versatile Demands
GERMANY - Frutarom Savory Solutions GmbH offers a new starter culture, BITEC Advance LD-20, for the manufacturing of firm...
14 February 2012
NCC Attacks CDC Categorisation of Poultry
US - "To name chicken products, let alone all of poultry, as one category that is a top contributor of sodium in diets is...
01 February 2012
Feed Supplement for Healthy Milk a Boost to Farmers
WALES, UK - A natural feed supplement aimed at producing healthy premium milk all year round is under development in Wales...
30 January 2012
EFSA Guidance for Food & Feed from GM Animals
EU - The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published guidance for the risk assessment of food and feed derived from...
12 January 2012
New All-natural Brine System for Poultry
GLOBAL - The global launch of a new brine system offers a unique all-natural solution for the replacement of phosphates in...
06 January 2012
EC Allows Part-Organic Pullets in Organic Production
EU - The EU Commission has decided to extend the derogation to allow the use of part-organic pullets in organic production....
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