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24 December 2013
Danish Crown Sets up New Ingredients Enterprise
DENMARK - Danish meat processor Danish Crown is to set up a new ingredients division – CD Ingredients....
17 December 2013
Warning over Sausage and Cold Cuts Consumption by Children
FINLAND - Children under the age of one should not eat cold cuts or sausages at all because of their nitrite content according...
07 November 2013
New Jobs for Finegand from New Casings Plant
NEW ZEALAND - A new added value casing facility at Silver Fern Farms’ Finegand plant will see 40 new jobscreated in the...
16 September 2013
Egg-free Mayonnaise Launched
US - A US company has launched a mayonnaise - without using eggs. The product, based on green peas, is suitable for vegans....
09 September 2013
Iodized Salt Recommended in Meat Products
PHILIPPINES - The Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST)...
06 September 2013
Sonac to Launch New Digestible Natural Protein
FRANCE - Sonac, supplier of high quality animal-based proteins, fats and minerals, will be launching an improved, highly...
26 August 2013
Kerry Sees Profits Rise
IRELAND – Irish based food meat processing and ingredients company Kerry Group achieved a strong financial performance...
20 August 2013
Aqua Nor 2013: How Much Omega 3 is Required in Human/Fish Diets?
NORWAY - Omega 3 and omega 6 are both known to be important for fish and human health. However, the minimum amount needed...
15 August 2013
Controlling Listeria in Turkey Sausage
US & LIBYA - Researchers have found that adding nisin to a turkey sausage product, together with carbon dioxide in the packaging,...
30 July 2013
Consumers Change Purchasing Habits in Light of Horse Meat Issue
IRELAND - A study by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) into the impact of horse meat contamination of beef products...
10 July 2013
US Farm Subsidy Policies Contribute to Obesity Trends
US - Failure to consider public health in the formulation of agricultural policy has compromised the American nutritional...
20 June 2013
UK Government Launches Traffic Light Nutrition Labelling
UK - The British Government has given the all clear to a new “traffic light” system of labelling on foods to show the...
03 June 2013
EU Additives – Making Food Safer
EU - A new EU list of approved additives will apply from 1 June 2013. ...
28 May 2013
Casings Sector Boosted by Emerging Markets Protein Demand
GLOBAL - The on-going westernisation of emerging markets means increased opportunities for meat manufacturers, writes Peter...
23 May 2013
FNRI Recommends Iodized Salt in Meat Products
PHILIPPINES - The Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOSTin the Philippines...
01 May 2013
Power of Meat at ICoMST
TURKEY - The Power of Meat in 21st Century is the theme of the 59th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology...
23 April 2013
Sodium Intake in US Rising
US – Sodium intake around the world is well in excess of physiological needs. ...
08 February 2013
Seven Ages Study Shows Red Meat Benefits
UK - Red meat plays a vital role in human nutrition whatever stage of life you are at, a new study has confirmed....
31 January 2013
Cows Fed Flaxseed Produce Healthier Milk With Omega-3
GLOBAL - Cows fed flaxseed produce more nutritious dairy products, says OSU study Dairy cows that are fed flaxseed produce...
15 November 2012
Clip-tube Wins German Packaging Award
GERMANY - In the category Sales Packages, Poly-clip System won the renowned German Packaging Award 2012 with its new and...
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