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16 April 2015
USDA Revises Safe Ingredients List for Meat, Poultry and Egg Production
US - USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued a revised directive updating the list of safe and suitable...
12 March 2015
Call for Simplified Colour Coded Nutrition Labelling in France
FRANCE - A new public health act in France is to establish a simplified form of nutrition labelling on foods....
11 February 2015
Survey Finds Undeclared Meats in Takeaway Lamb Dishes
UK - A survey of lamb dishes in takeaway food outlets across the UK has found that about a fifth of the dishes had other...
27 January 2015
Tulip Reduces Salt in Bacon
UK - UK pig meat processor and part of the Danish Crown group, Tulip, has developed an curing process for its Danepak bacon...
19 January 2015
Multi-species Test for Meat Adulteration Launched
UK - A new test has been developed that allows for the detection of unknown and unsuspected cases of adulteration or mislabelling...
29 December 2014
Small Businesses in Scotland Cut Salt Fat Calories in Foods
SCOTLAND - Butchers, bakers and other small and medium-sized food producers across Scotland have been lowering the salt,...
11 December 2014
FSIS Updates Safe and Suitable Ingredients List
US - The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has updated its Directive on Safe and Suitable Ingredients Used in...
29 October 2014
New Head of Innovation at Tulip
UK – Pig meat processor Tulip Ltd has appointed Stacey Howe to the newly created role of Group Innovation and NPD Director....
13 August 2014
Study Shows Toddlers Not Eating Enough Meat
AUSTRALIA - Most toddlers are at risk of not getting enough iron in their diets and are not eating enough meat....
29 July 2014
Survey Finds Beef Chicken DNA in Takeaway Lamb Dishes
IRELAND - A study by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland examining lamb kebabs and lamb dishes in takeaway restaurants has...
25 June 2014
Cherry-based Antioxidants Curing Enhancers Launched for Meat Sector
FRANCE – Naturex has expanded its portfolio of natural solutions for shelf life extension with a range of new cherry-based...
01 May 2014
MANE to Acquire Cargill’s Compounds Business
EU - Cargill is to sell its compounds business, including a plant in Rubi, Spain to MANE....
18 April 2014
Chilli Adds Bite to Devilish Meatballs
UK - Devilishly Spiced Pork Chilli Meatballs and Meat Bites are the perfect ingredients for caterers and ready meal and snack...
Anuga FoodTec Underlines Significance of Functional Ingredients
GERMANY - Food ingredients are to hold a special place in the next Anuga FoodTec in Cologne....
07 April 2014
How is Nutrition Labelling Changing?
ANALYSIS - What people eat and the nutritional value of food is being brought into sharp focus on both sides of the Atlantic....
27 March 2014
Launch for Seafood Manual for Chefs
UK - A hotly anticipated guide to help chefs, caterers, restaurateurs and retailers promote the huge variety of fish and...
21 March 2014
Salt Replacements Give Processors Healthy Response to Consumer Demand
CANADA - With increased consumption of processed foods, some Canadians consume almost double the recommended amount of sodium...
04 March 2014
Probiotic Fuet with Bacteria Characteristic in Newborns
SPAIN - A group of researchers have isolated several potentially probiotic strains of lactic acid bacteria from the faeces...
25 February 2014
One Year On from Horse Meat Scandal – New DNA Tests Proposed
EU - The European Commission has given the go-ahead to a second round on DNA testing of meat products to find out whether...
06 February 2014
Concern over Proposed Brine Levels in Poultry Products
SOUTH AFRICA - Proposed new maximum brine levels in chicken portions have a number of unintentional errors and possible...
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