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13 August 2012
Strike Raises Concerns over Meat Shipments
BRAZIL - Concern is mounting in Brazil over a strike by the federal agriculture inspectors. ...
30 July 2012
Fewer Cables, More Hygiene, Simpler Operation
GERMANY - MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection is launching its own thermal transfer printer (TTO) onto the market....
27 July 2012
Updated CLT Expected to be Ready for Classroom Delivery
CANADA - The Canadian Livestock Transport Certification Program project coordinator expects a fully revised livestock transport...
13 July 2012
Reduced Amounts of Bedding for Pigs in Transport
US - Research conducted by Texas Tech University has shown using extra amounts of bedding when transporting pigs offers no...
09 July 2012
NFU Backs MEPs on Animal Welfare
EU - The NFU has backed European Parliament calls for the current legislation on animal welfare to be better enforced and...
20 June 2012
Review Needed for Livestock Transport
UK - Agriculture Minister Jim Paice has called on the European Commission to look at the rules surrounding transport of livestock,...
14 June 2012
Reduced Bedding During Transport of Pigs
CANADA - Research conducted by Texas Tech University shows the use of extra amounts of bedding when transporting pigs offers...
08 June 2012
Does Extended Transport Time Impact Quality?
AUSTRALIA - The impact of extended transportation time on the eating quality of beef, without compromising animal welfare,...
19 April 2012
Factors Affecting Stress During Transport
CANADA - Information gathered through a multi institutional multidisciplinary study is helping the pork industry address...
17 April 2012
Superior Farms Expands Distribution
US - Superior Farms has expanded its partnership with Colorado Box Beef Company Co, a Florida-based distributor of protein...
17 February 2012
Successful Prosecution for Over-temperature Meat
UK - The British Food Standards Agency has won a case in the Old Bailey against a meat company that failed to make sure meat...
03 February 2012
Collaboration Markets Biofuels to Transport Industry
US - Dynamic Fuels, LLC, operator of the first commercial advanced biofuels plant in the United States, has entered into...
25 January 2012
Pig Welfare Standards Now Compulsory in Victoria
AUSTRALIA - Pig welfare standards have been made compulsory in Victoria....
19 January 2012
Meat Plants Audit Reports Published
UK - The Food Standards Agency has started the regular publication of audit reports of approved meat plants in England,...
12 January 2012
Welfare of Animals in Transport Still a Concern
ANALYSIS - Concern is growing again over the way livestock is being transported both for slaughter and as live exports, writes...
30 December 2011
New Rules for Commercial Drivers from February
US - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued new rules on hours of service for commercial vehicle...
23 December 2011
Restrictions Imposed On Russian Pork Imports
KAZAKHSTAN - Kazakhstan has imposed the restriction on the import of pork and other products from the Saratov and Orenburg...
14 December 2011
Live Cattle Exports Steady to Indonesia in October
AUSTRALIA - Australian live cattle exports to Indonesia during October totalled 39,424 head, steady with the corresponding...
11 November 2011
Imposing Animal Transport Enforcements
EU - Although EU regulations have led to improving the welfare of animals when transported, more can be done to tighten up...
21 October 2011
New Framework - Sustainable Future of Live Exports
AUSTRALIA - The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has welcomed the Federal Government’s continued support for the future...
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