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09 January 2014
Extreme Cold Hits Livestock Slaughter
US - The extremely cold temperatures in the US have hit impacted movements throughout the country this week, impacting cattle...
13 December 2013
2 Sisters and 2 Agri Meet with Union and Chicken Producers
UK - NFU Scotland and the newly-created Scottish Chicken Growers Association (SCGA) met with 2 Agri and 2 Sisters on Wednesday...
01 November 2013
Poultry Handling Transportation Quality Assurance at Expo Workshops
US – Pennsylvania State University and US Poultry & Egg Association is to host a Poultry Handling and Transportation Quality...
22 October 2013
Truck Washing System to Protect Denmark from African Swine Fever
DENMARK - The Danish pig industry is operating a strict security screening to ensure that African Swine Fever is not carried...
17 July 2013
Temporary Waiver for Livestock, Poultry Transporters
US - Responding to concerns raised by a coalition of animal agriculture associations, including the National Chicken Council,...
08 July 2013
Meat Plants Accused Of Dropping Slaughter Rates
IRELAND – Meat plants are being accused of lowering slaughter rates with the intention of artificially affecting supplies...
New 'Hours of Service' Rule Waived for Agriculture
US - In a major victory for America’s hog, cattle and poultry farmers, the US Department of Transportation has indicated...
14 March 2013
Harvest Meat Acquires Randal Farms Distribution Network
US - US distributor of protein products to retail and foodservice customers, Harvest Meat Company, has acquired some of the...
08 March 2013
Water Sprinklers in Trucks Reduce Heat Stress and Improve Meat Quality
CANADA - Research conducted on behalf of Swine Innovation Porc indicates water sprinklers used in trucks that haul hogs in...
18 February 2013
Transforming Food and Agri Supply Chain
GLOBAL - The operating environment for food and agri companies is becoming increasingly complex as new external influences...
08 February 2013
New 'Super Chilling' Research Transports Fish Without Ice
NORWAY - Are Norwegian fish exporters ready to leave the Ice Age? Ice and insulated fish boxes provide a false sense of security...
21 January 2013
Efficient Transportation Remains Critical for Farmers
US - In an environment of highs and lows for prices, market demands and costs, the one thing sought by farmers in terms...
31 December 2012
Animal Welfare Reforms to Cover 100 per cent of Australia's Livestock Trade
AUSTRALIA - The world’s most stringent live export regulations will apply to all exports of Australian livestock for slaughter...
27 December 2012
Meat Sector Calls for Help over Power Outages
PAKISTAN - The Pakistan government has been urged to exempt meat processing plants from electricity outages to help the meat...
17 December 2012
EU to Enforce Better Animal Transport Conditions
EU - The European Parliament has pushed through measures to tighten up enforcement controls for the welfare of animals in...
16 October 2012
Consumption of Local Produce Supports Farmers
JAMAICA - The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, is increasing its appeal for Jamaicans to support the country’s farmers...
01 October 2012
Difficulties Continue with eAML2 System
UK - BPEX apologises to customers who are experiencing difficulties with the eAML2 service following a technical upgrade...
28 September 2012
Get Ahead for Pig Movements Saturday to Tuesday
UK - The eAML2 web site will be down this weekend for essential maintenance....
20 September 2012
King Island Forum to Tackle Cattle Transport
AUSTRALIA - A workshop on King Island this week has been set up to work towards a possible solution to transporting cattle...
04 September 2012
Risks of ASF Transmission from Russia to EU
EU - Overall, the risk of the introduction of the African Swine Fever (ASF) virus into EU countries is described as low and...
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