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08 December 2010
Fat Investment Renders New Life into Old Plant
AUSTRALIA - Officially opening a new $10 million red meat rendering facility for the Craig Mostyn Group (CMG) at Talloman,...
07 December 2010
Cattle Co-Product Value Increase
AUSTRALIA - Cattle co-products look to be finishing the year on a high, with values surging to their highest level in over...
11 November 2010
First Commercial-Scale Advanced Biofuels Plant Open
US - Operations are underway at the new Dynamic Fuels plant, which is successfully converting animal fats and greases into...
03 November 2010
Pet Food from Organic, Grass-Fed Beef
US - Original Pet Food Company has introducd what it says us the first pet food line made from organic, grass-fed beef provides...
22 October 2010
Cargill Recognised for Welfare, Environmental Efforts
US - Cargill has been recognised by McDonald's USA for its animal welfare and environmental achievements. ...
12 October 2010
Government Backs SRM Incinerator at Abattoir
CANADA - Berscheid Meats of The Pas, Manitoba is receiving more than $360,000 for the purchase and installation of an incinerator...
21 September 2010
EU Considers Return of MBM in Animal Feeds
UK - Following a long-term ban on the use of meat and bone meal in animal feeds to control BSE, it has been proposed that...
13 September 2010
Poor Offal Treatment Costs Farmers Million
UK - Beef and sheep producers have a key role to play in maximising the value of fifth quarter products and helping to maximise...
13 August 2010
Growing Interest in Plastics from Feathers
GLOBAL - Processors are seeing the potential for feather-based plastics....
11 August 2010
Moy Park First to Support Courtauld Commitment
UK - Moy Park has become the first poultry company to sign up to the Courtauld Commitment having become a signatory of Phase...
05 August 2010
Tyson Foods Reports Sustainability Progress
US – Water conservation, renewable fuels production and workplace safety improvements are among the areas highlighted in...
10 June 2010
Chicken Feathers Could Mitigate Oil Spill
US - Chicken feathers may help in oil spill mitigation, according to a researcher at the University of Delaware....
08 June 2010
Prestigious Sustainability Award for Walmart Brazil
BRAZIL - Walmart Brazil and its CEO, Hector Nunez, have been awarded the first annual C.K. Prahalad Award for global sustainability...
04 June 2010
Milk Storage Tanks Exempt From Oil Spill Rule
US - The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) has welcomed the decision of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)...
03 June 2010
Wageningen Researchers Compare LCAs for Animal Products
NETHERLANDS - A first review of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), conducted at Wageningen University, confirmed that the production...
01 June 2010
IFA And Bim Host Seafood By-Products Seminar
IRELAND - Costs of disposing of waste and by products from seafood processing and aquaculture production have increased significantly...
11 May 2010
Sainsbury's Extends its Environmental Initiative
UK - Supermarket chain, Sainsbury's, has extended its carbon initiative to pigs and poultry....
24 March 2010
Meat and Climate Change Link 'Lopsided'
UK - A report which directly linked meat production with climate change is coming apart at the seams after being heavily...
23 March 2010
Cutting Meat, Milk Intake Will Not Lower GHGs
US - Reducing meat consumption will not impact climate change, according to a paper published recently by researchers from...
Clean Water Awards 2010
US - American Proteins and Wayne Farms have won US Poultry & Egg Association's 2010 Clean Water Awards. Perdue Farms and...
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