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HKScan to Restructure Swedish Operation

12 May 2009

SWEDEN - Finnish based meat procesor, HKScan, is to streamline the business of the company's Swedish arm, the Scan Group, to boost the company's profitability.

The development programme, announced earlier this year, will kick off with an organisational restructuring that will make Scan's operating model more process-like to better meet customer and consumer needs in Sweden.

To secure access to meat, Scan will establish a procurement company this month.

Scan's management organisation will also be reformed to match the new operating model.

As of 6 May 2009, Scan's management team comprises managing director Olli Antniemi along with Denis Mattsson, deputy to the managing director, and Magnus Nilsson, sales director, Magnus Lindholm, director of the supply chain, Runar Gustafsson, procurement manager as the acting procurement director, Fredrik Jönsson, production manager as the acting production director, Thomas Olander, managing director of Pärsons, Jerker Wetterteg, finance director, Margareta Thorgren, communications and quality director, Lennart Claesson, HR director, and Mikael Olsson, managing director of Annerstedt Flodins, who will also be responsible for the development of Scan's meat business.

According to CEO Matti Perkonoja, the aim is to bring EBIT from HKScan's Swedish business to five per cent in accordance with the Group's long-term financial objectives.

In the next few years the main focus of HKScan's development will be on Sweden. In his view, the key factors to improve competitiveness will be to make Scan's cost structure considerably more competitive over the next three years, to make investments in order to raise the value-added of products and to reform Scan's commercial functions.

Scan’s size, firm market leadership and leading brands provide a solid foundation for future measures.

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