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Warning over Imported Frozen Meat

06 May 2009

VIET NAM - Concern has been raised in Viet Nam over the safety and wholesomeness of imported frozen meat.

Regulations demand that imported frozen meat must be distributed through several official channels and only reaches the customers after several months, sometimes a year.

However, Doctor Tran Van Ky from the Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology said an extensive period of freezing will transform some of the nutritious proteins into toxins, according to official news reports.

Dr Ky, who ci in charge of food hygiene in the south, said that after being kept frozen for too long, only 30 per cent of its content is nutritious and the rest is toxic.

The concern is that even if the freezing preserves the meat, it will lose many vitamins, minerals such as zinc and magnesium and fatty acids.

The Vietnamese authorities are warning consumers not to re-freeze meat products and they said there is concern because many of the products that are delicacies for the Vietnamese consumers are offal products, which might contain more bacteria that muscle meat.

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