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Toolkit for Pulled Meat Specialties

29 May 2015

GERMANY - Capitalising on the rising popularity of pulled pork in Europe, Frutarom Savory Solutions has developed an all-round solution that makes preparing these specialties quick and easy.

Suitable for different kinds of meat, the portfolio comprises an injection brine compound and a range of seasonings and sauces.

This combination ensures that the meat stays juicy and appealing and gives it the characteristic smoky flavor.

Preparation is simple: the brine is injected into the meat pieces and then tumbled for two hours. Subsequently, the meat is rubbed with the seasoning and packaged in a shrink bag, vacuum bag or thick thermoforming film and cooked for 15 –18 hours in a water bath or cooking chamber.

The brine ensures that the meat stays moist and binds the cooking juice to produce a delicious gravy.

Designed with versatility in mind, Frutarom’s toolkit can be used with pork, poultry or beef.

Different seasonings have been developed, including a classic option which offers a subtle smoky note and a Brazilian inspired variety with a distinct smoke character.

Each seasoning has been developed to complement the natural taste of the meat but variations can be made according to personal preference. Both barbecue and herb-garlic sauces complete the collection.

With pulled meat as the core ingredient, Frutarom’s product developers have created innovative recipe ideas that bring variety to the table.

Pulled pork and turkey burgers, wraps with pulled beef, pizzas and salads are just some examples. Each recipe is recommended for a specific kind of meat.

But, by making different combinations of meat, seasoning and sauce, the toolkit enables manufacturers to create a diverse range of pulled meat specialties.

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