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Thurne High Performance Slicing Systems Are Back

28 May 2015

UK - Middleby Corporation has acquired Marel's High Speed Slicing range and has relaunched the original Thurne brand.

Norwich, UK, based Thurne-Middleby, which has an international reputation for high quality, precision engineered slicing systems for bacon, cooked meats and cheese applications, is building on over 45 years of experience in the industry under the Thurne, AEW Delford and Marel brand names.

Since its formation in 1969, the company has been a leader in high speed slicing equipment, quick to embrace and pioneer new vision, scanning and computer technologies in a range of automated high speed slicing lines to provide processors with great savings and gains in production efficiency.

The latest product of this drive for innovation is the IBS 4600 Vision, a four-lane, four-blade slicer with four dedicated vision systems that is taking the precooked bacon market by storm, offering more consistency, higher volumes, higher yields and better hygiene than other machines in this sector.

Vision and scanning technology is also key to the success of the other bacon slicing systems in the Thurne portfolio, IBS 2000 Select and IBS 3000 Profile, which achieve supreme weight accuracy and slice consistency in retail and food service applications.

Thurne also offers versatile, proven systems for cooked and cured meat applications, as well as cheese: Polyslicer 1000 and Polyslicer 3000. The Polyslicer 1000 can be supplied with an interleaver, variety conveyor or slacker, all of which are available as retrofits to meet customers’ changing requirements.

Although bacon and deli are a str¬ong focus, Thume has also retained their fresh meat slicers, I-Cut 1000 and l-Cut Profile, which create shingled presentations ready for loading into packs.

"We are excited to be part of the Middleby Group now and look forward to focusing on what we do best: developing successful, innovative slicing solutions for our customers," said Peter Jongen, President of Thurne-Middleby.

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