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Miratorg Starts Fifth Production Line in Kaliningrad

27 May 2015

RUSSIA - ABH Miratorg, a leading manufacturer of meat in Russia has launched its fifth production line for meat products at the high-tech plant Miratorg West in Kaliningrad.

Miratorg is consistently expanding the production of chicken, pork, beef in an effort to replace imports.

The increase in production at the processing plant Miratorg-West of more than 30 per cent, will see the company produce 80,000 tonnes a year, which will increase its share of products with high added value in the total sales of the company.

The fifth line is designed for the production of semi-finished products for the food service networks, as well as branded products under the brand of Miratorg.

"Investments in the project amounted to 1 billion rubles. The level of technological equipment of the plant in Kaliningrad is the best in Russia, and the line is equipped with the latest equipment,” said the president of ABH" Miratorg "Viktor Linnik.

“It is important to note that when we first opened the factory, it worked mainly on imported raw materials, but now the share of our own raw materials is already 20 per cent of the total production at the plant. For example, patties for burgers includes beef from our farm in the Kaliningrad region."

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