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Uttar Pradesh Records Growth in Egg Consumption

22 May 2015

INDIA - India's biggest state with more than 200 million population, Uttar Pradesh has recorded 100 per cent growth egg consumption thanks to the popularity of poultry products.

The state government husbandry official said, even though there were avian flu scare, the state egg consumption were on top.

The state per capita increase in egg production was recorded at 1.7 billion during 2014-15, as compared to 800 million eggs during 2002-2003.

There has been a rise in per capita per annum (or eggs consumed by one person in a year) consumption of eggs which has increased from eight in 2002-03, to 27 now.

The integrated sample survey which has also shown a percentage increase of 100.95 per cent between 2004-05 and 2013-14.

The official also said that due to rise of prices of vegetables and other vegetarian diets, people has now shifted to egg, as it is a complete diet by itself.

Despite the increase, UP is far from the national average consumption of eggs which stands at 57 per person per year.

It is also miles away from the recommended 180 eggs per person per year.

Not just eggs, but also demand for chicken in the state has also gone up.

A person in UP consumes more than 1400 grams of chicken meat every year, up from 350 grams a decade ago. 

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