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ICAR Inaugurates Meat Processing Plant in Hyderabad

15 May 2015

Government owned agriculture research Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has inaugurated its newly constructed Meat Processing Plant at National Research Centre on Meat in Hyderabad.

The new plant was inaugurated by Dr S Ayyappan (pictured), Director General, ICAR and Secretary, Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE) recently.

The new plant will serve as an incubation centre for all the trainees and entrepreneurs which have signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Institute to use the meat processing facilities.

Ayyappan also inaugurated the CJSC room of NRC on Meat and visited all the laboratories, experimental abattoir, pilot plant and other facilities at the Institute and interacted with the scientists.

Speaking after the inauguration, Ayyappan appreciated the Director and the scientists of the Centre for all the meat processing, value addition and entrepreneurship trainings and other need based works carried out at the Institute to help both domestic and export meat sector.

He also lauded the research efforts of the Centre in the area of meat species identification, traceability, identification of peptide biomarkers, residue analysis which are of great importance to ensure the safety and quality of meat.

Ayyappan also interacted with entrepreneurs from different places and suggested them to utilize the meat processing facilities and expertise available at NRC on Meat.

Expressing happiness about the overall campus cleanliness, Ayyappan stressed the need for adding value to meat, greening of meat sector and the importance of protein requirement in consumer diets. While interacting with staff members, Ayyappan urged the scientists to forecast the red vs. white meat, meat vs. fat and other demands for 2050.

Dr. B.S. Prakash, ADG (AN & P) while speaking at the inauguration event congratulated the Director and the staff of NRC on Meat for successfully establishing the meat processing plant.

Prakash also appreciated the good number of external funded projects, MoU, consultancy, publications and the Institute’s efforts to popularise value addition through “Meat on Wheels”.

He also stressed the need to develop value added products and collaborating with other ICAR Institutes in the area of meat animal slaughtering, value addition and processing.

Dr V V Kulkarni, Director, NRC on Meat, Dr R N Chatterjee, Director, Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad, Dr T R K Murthy, Dr N Kondaiah, Former Directors of NRC on Meat, Entrepreneurs and several meat processors were also present during the inauguration.

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