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EU Pig Prices Stabilising

11 May 2015
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EU - This week, the European pig slaughter market has been ambivalent.

Quite a number of EU member countries made the markets fall considerably, which was once again driven by events in Germany.

After the German slaughter companies again increased the pressure they exerted on suppliers last week, the prices went down by 7 cents. The quotations were also corrected considerably downward in the Netherlands, in Austria and in Belgium.

Given slow market activity, the French still hope for stimulus from the outside. Among other issues, this also means the beginning of the North European barbecue season.

In the end, the French quotation went down only slightly. The Spanish quotation also tended to get weaker.

In Spain, just as in the other European countries, people are complaining about weak domestic demand and strong competitive pressure as to exports. Prices are developing steadily in Denmark.

Trend for the German market:

The situation has become much easier on the pig slaughter market over the weekend. After last Wednesday’s considerable price decrease, the market participants had been strongly insecure at first.

Despite the public holiday on 1 May, the market appears quite receptive at the beginning of the new week. Some of the marketers are looking for further batches.

So, from today’s point of view the prices are expected to remain steady at least.

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