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New Training Requirements Significant Step Forward for Animal Welfare

08 May 2015

UK - New requirements relating to the appointment, training and certification of Animal Welfare Officers in meat production operations, are soon to be implemented in England.

The requirements contained in EU Regulation EC 1099/2009 were described as a significant step forward for animal welfare at a recent meeting entitled ‘The changing role of the Animal Welfare Officer in the light of EC Regulation 1099/2009’ organised by the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) to discuss the requirements and implementation of the legislation.

The well-attended meeting included representatives from meat producers, industry organisations, manufacturers, researchers and government bodies.

Speakers Rebecca Garcia, Defra, Steve Wotton, University of Bristol, Craig Kirby, AIMS, and Collin Willson, FSA Wales discussed the legal framework, training, certification and experience of implementing EC 1099/2009 in Wales respectively.

Industry perspectives on practical issues of implementation were provided by Tony Higginson of Woodhead, Rob Barker of Cargill, and Claire White from Dunbia.

This was followed by a question and discussion session chaired by Lewis Grant, VPHA.

HSA Technical Director Charles Mason said: “Despite highlighting some potential practical difficulties – in particular the requirement that an Animal Welfare Officer’s training for certificates of competence in all areas of his responsibility be completed within a three-month time period, the panel of speakers felt that the legislation provided a good framework for the effective implementation of high welfare practices and for facilitating ongoing improvement.

“From an industry perspective, there would also be potential benefits in efficiency, productivity and marketing.”

Pictured above is Claire White, Group Animal Welfare Officer at Dunbia, speaking at the recent HSA meeting on ‘The changing role of the Animal Welfare Officer in the light of EC 1099/2009.

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