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European Commission Makes Progress on Poultry Welfare During Transport

10 April 2015

EU - The development of a network document for the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) at the European Commission has identified the various components of the poultry catching, handling, transportation and lairage processes most likely to impact upon the welfare of pre-slaughter birds.

The document is a guidance document for Competent Authorities and others drafted by experts from Member States which aims to raise standards, using examples from the best available current knowledge, practical experience, and the latest scientific advice.

The document will inform Competent Authorities, their agents, and other bodies, as to the nature and causes of the major risks to bird welfare during the immediate pre-slaughter stage of poultry production. The information provided may guide CAs and other agencies in the identification and gathering of scientific evidence that might support any enforcement activity.

Implementation of the risk reduction strategies described in the network document through heightened awareness and enforcement should be a win-win outcome for improved welfare of the birds and improved financial returns for business operators.

The latest development were disclosed at the second meeting of European experts working on the production of the network document to improve the welfare of poultry during transport hosted by the FVO.

The network group expects to finalise the document before the summer and distribute it soon after.


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