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Halal Sector Offers Potential for British Lamb

08 April 2015

UK - The global Halal market offers a great potential to UK lamb producers and processors.

With 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and the population expected to grow to 26.4 per cent of the global population by 2030, there is potential in a growing market for Halal products.

In Europe there are 44 million Muslims and the population is expected to grow from six to eight per cent of the total European population by 2030.

Speaking at a recent conference on the Halal meat sector, organised by Eblex, Eblex export manager Jean Pierre Garnier said the halal sector was important both to farmers to maintain farm gate prices and also to processors to balance the carcase.

At present British halal meat products reach a largely European based market of 15.4 million in France, Germany, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway.

Mr Garnier said that at present the Halal market is price drive and there is a lack of added value and further processed products in the sector.

“In general it is a low margin business,” he said.

“There is little growth potential in Europe and there is also competition from locally slaughter lamb.”

He said that on price, however, the UK is facing stiff competition from both New Zealand and Australia, which is leading the UK to start to target third countries outside of the EU.

He said that the potential and demand will come for fifth quarter products and niche products.

He said there is more demand for Halal lamb offal and variety meat from China and Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have potential for some cuts and organic products.

The markets have also started to open up in Tunisia and Algeria and the markets in Lebanon, Libya, Jordan and South Africa also have small potential.

However, Mr Garnier added that the global Halal market had also been made more challenging by the number of non-tariff trade barriers that had been raised by some countries and the need to deal with a number of certification bodies.

“You need to get cooperation and establish memorandums of understanding between organisations to open up the markets,” he said.

However he added that because the UK at present exports 40 per cent of its total lamb production and it provides 43 per cent of the lamb consumed in Europe, there is great potential to grow into other markets including the halal sector.

Chris Harris

Chris Harris

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