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Brazilian Meat Prices Firm Despite Low Liquidity

01 April 2015

BRAZIL - The Brazilian meat market in general saw some price increases in the first half of March.

The prices for live pigs were sustained by low supply.

Apart from a small number of animals that were held back in recent months, production was lost during the truckers’ strike, which delayed the feed delivery.

For the pork, the increase that was seen up to the start of March lost strength.

The Brazilian government market analysts at Cepea said that slaughterhouses are still finding difficulties selling meat in the wholesale market.

In the first half of the month, live pig prices rose by 4.3 per cent in São Paulo State (the biggest domestic market), closing at 3.62 BRL per kilo on 13 March.

In Santa Catarina State the price increased by 0.3 per cent, to 3.25 BRL per kilo on the same day. In the wholesale market of Greater São Paulo, the hog carcase price rose by 0.7 per cent between 27 February and 13 March.

In the poultry market, despite the live chickens’ stability over the last days, broiler price fell back in most regions according to Cepea.

In the wholesale market of Greater São Paulo, chilled chicken saw a slight increase of 0.86 per cent up to 13 March and frozen chicken fell back by 1.41 per cent in the same period, with an average of 3.53 BRL per kilo and 3.49 BRL per kilo, respectively, on 13 March.

In the cattle market, the pace of trade has been low in the first fortnight in March.

In this period, the ESALQ/BM&F Bovespa fed cattle Index saw a small increase of 0.63 per cent, closing at 145.29 BRL on 13 March.

However, calves saw rises of 6.3 per cen6, to 1380.21 BRL on 13 March in Mato Grosso do Sul state. The average price in São Paulo state increased by 7.06 per cent in the first fortnight of the month, to 1333.27 BRL on 13 March.

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