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Cargill Texas Beef Plant Reduces Water Use

19 March 2015

US – A Texas beef plant has been recognised for conserving 150 million gallons or water by reducing its water use by a quarter.

Friona’s Cargill beef processing facility has been recognised by the Texas Water Foundation for its sustainable water initiative and decreasing reliance on the Ogallala aquifer.

Overall water requirements have dropped 23 per cent and treated water is then passed on to farmers, reducing their requirements.

Based in the Texas panhandle, the plant sits above the aquifer, a 174,000 square mile feature spreading across the high plains, providing the US with 30 per cent of its irrigation and supplying 48 counties in Texas.

President of Wichita, Kansas-based Cargill Beef, John Keating, said: "Working with multiple stakeholders to find long-term answers for water issues is important to communities, the economy and the environment.

“There are 2,000 wonderful people working at our Friona plant who call the area home and are supporting their families and businesses throughout the region.

“While the importance of water security is increasing worldwide, we believe there are innovative ways of finding solutions, such as the one that was reached in Friona."

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