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Power of Meat Remains Strong at Retail

04 March 2015

US - Meat and poultry products remain among the top choices for US shoppers at retail according to a study prepared for the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and North American Meat Institute (NAMI).

However the tenth annual Power of Meat study highlights several trends in the way consumers are changing their purchasing behaviour.

The study shows that price per pound remains a top factor as increases in beef and pork prices drove many to buy less meat or look to different species, cuts and brands.

The appearance of a product is the second-most influential factor driving meat and poultry purchases, surpassing total package price.

Nutrition has gained importance as shoppers are putting greater emphasis on leaner cuts and portion control.

And shoppers recognise the variety of nutrition benefits meat and poultry products offer – with poultry being viewed as key in a balanced diet and red meat seen as a source of valuable nutrients.

The report shows that there is growing overall interest in local and organic products that is now extended to meat and poultry. Local interest is driven by perceived freshness and support for the local economy.

While supermarkets remained the dominant outlet for fresh meat and poultry, farmers' markets are the greatest source of the occasional purchase, at 15 per cent of shoppers.

The report says that meat is still very much a planned purchase, but the decision is increasingly shifting to in-store, making excellence in execution even more important.

The Power of Meat study was conducted by 210 Analytics, LLC, sponsored by The Cryovac Brand, a part of Sealed Air’s Food Care Division, and was unveiled at the FMI/NAMI Annual Meat Conference.

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