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Educating Livestock Sector

18 February 2015

UK - Dunbia has hosted employees from Jim Peet (Agriculture) Ltd at a beef live to dead event at its primary beef plant in Sawley.

The purpose of the event was to give JPA staff a behind the scenes look at the livestock selection process and an understanding of the implications to farmers of presenting an out of spec animal.

JPA will use the knowledge gained from Dunbia to advise their customers of optimum feeding practices.

During the event, cattle were selected for live assessment in the lairage.

Each participant recorded their grade and estimated carcase weight which was then compared when the cattle reached the chillers.

“The live to dead events are an important tool for educating our industry of the livestock selection process,” said Rob Lea, Group Agricultural Supply Chain Manager for Dunbia.

“Producing beef that meets customer requirements and specification for taste, tenderness and value for money in addition to provenance and traceability is a critical part of the beef selection process.

“These events are an ideal way to highlight the processes and staff required to achieve a product suitable for retail. While we typically present the Live to Dead events to farmers, we were delighted to welcome JPA to Dunbia.

“Many of their customers will be our customers so it is important that we and other companies within the industry work together to advise them where we can.”

The event, which was delivered by industry experts from EBLEX and supported by Dunbia staff, raised a high level of interest among the JPA participants.

“The Live to Dead event at Dunbia has been extremely beneficial for our staff,” said Andrew Hodsman, Technical Support Manager from JPA.

“We pride ourselves on offering our customers free on-farm technical support which will now be enhanced using the knowledge gained at Dunbia. We look forward to sharing this information with our customers.”

Jim Peet (Agriculture) Ltd is an independent compound and blending company trading throughout Cumbria, Lancashire, North Yorkshire, Northumberland and South West Scotland and has have two sites in Cumbria at Brayton and Longtown.

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