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Founder of Vion’s SALOMON Hitburger Leaves

06 February 2015

GERMANY - The founder, managing director and minority shareholder in Vion Food Group’s further processing arm SALOMON Hitburger GmbH has quit.

Philip Dean Kruk-De la Cruz resigned as minority shareholder from SALOMON Hitburger GmbH at the end of last year.

At the same time, he ended his term as Managing Director of SALOMON Hitburger GmbH, which he founded almost 35 years ago, and which long been one of the leading producers of hamburger patties and a trendsetter in terms of finger food in Europe.

The food specialist, referred to in the industry as a pioneer, has constantly created new ideas and trends with his efficient production operations and SALOMON FoodWorld, the distribution company he founded in 2006, until, in May 2010, he handed over operational responsibility for SALOMON Hitburger and SALOMON FoodWorld to the former Nestlé Schoeller manager Bernd Stark, who, since then, has continued business operations from Grossostheim together with Anne Henningsen, who is responsible for Commercial Administration, and Production and Technology.

Mr Kruk-De la Cruz was largely responsible for setting up the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy at the Dutch group Vion NV, of which SALOMON has belonged since 2003.

In the meantime, SALOMON Hitburger GmbH, SALOMON Foodworld GmbH and FVZ Convenience GmbH have become part of the newly established Food Service Division at Vion NV under the responsibility of Bernd Stark.

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