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Minister Visits New Danish Beef Slaughterhouse

21 January 2015

DENMARK - It was with a big smile that Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Dan Jørgensen, this week visited the new Danish Crown cattle slaughterhouse in Holsted.

The minister said he was impressed with the efficiency of the most modern cattle slaughterhouse in the world.

“I have noted three facts. You use all parts of the animal and this is part of making us competitive on international markets,” he said.

“In addition, food safety is excellent, and so it should be, because this is our primary competitive parameter abroad.

“Finally, I think animal welfare is outstanding. And naturally it should be for ethical reasons, but also because it yields a better meat quality when animals do not have stress hormones in their bodies.

“Looking down into the cowshed watching the animals eating some hay there is absolutely no stress and this is really good,” said Mr Jørgensen.

Before the tour Mr Jørgensen had lunch with Erik Bredholt, Chairman of Danish Crown, Peder Phillipp, Chairman of DC Beef and Finn Klostermann, CEO of DC Beef.

“Among other things, we talked about our customer approach in DC Beef aiming at supplying exactly the product demanded by consumers irrespective of dinner being ready on a Monday night within 20 minutes or if it is a Saturday when many people like to spend two or three hours cooking dinner,” Finn Klostermann explained.

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