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Danish Food Companies Face Heavier Fines over Slow Recalls

11 December 2014

DENMARK - Food businesses in Denmark that do not recall dangerous food products from the market quickly are facing increased fines.

A bill going through the Danish parliament is set to increase the range of fines from DKK20,000- 80,000 to DKK10,000-120,000 and there will be even heavier fines for repeat offenders.

"In light of recent cases, it is clear that there is a need to tighten the screw on the companies that put profit over the food. Therefore, I suggest that the financial penalties should be raised considerably for food businesses that gamble with consumers' lives and health," said Agriculture Minister Dan Jørgensen (pictured).

In future, the names of companies that supply hazardous food products onto the market and do not immediately recall them will be displayed on the Food Authority’s website.

At present, the cases waiting for an inspection report were posted on the website before it could be seen whether the products had been recalled.

"It is important that consumers receive the best opportunity to ensure against the possibility of buying or eating unsafe food. Therefore, in the future we will publish names of the companies faster, where checks have shown that the product recall has not been carried out properly," said Minister Jørgensen

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