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Advice to Buy Meat From Accredited Slaughterhouses

10 November 2014

PHILIPPINES - The Philippine Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala has advised consumers to buy meat and meat products from National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) accredited or LGU registered slaughterhouses and meat shops to avoid "hot" and "double-dead" meat.

Meat is classified as hot if it was not slaughtered in an approved facility or did not undergo or passed the required inspection by a qualified meat inspector.

"Double dead" meat is meat that comes from an already dead animal before being butchered and sold in markets. It is not permitted to sell meat from a dead animal.

The Secretary added, double dead meat emits foul odour and the meat easily gets torn apart.

To avoid hot meat, Mr Alcala said, besides buying meat from registered meat shops and markets, it is best to look for meat and meat products inspection certificate and marks of inspection that prove that indeed, the meat has been inspected.

The DA earlier recognised the important role the NMIS plays in ensuring the health and safety of meat products and also in safeguarding the trade of livestock products and said because of NMIS' efforts in implementing the standards for animal slaughter, mandatory good manufacturing practices, hazard analysis critical control point and humane handling of animals for slaughter, the country is able to export livestock products to several countries.

Mr Alcala said the NMIS will continue in tirelessly performing its regulatory function and will not stop in treading the straight path mandated by President Aquino.

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