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Surge in Swedish Beef Price

03 September 2014

SWEDEN – Beef prices in Sweden have soared in recent weeks while the European average slipped.

Mid-July to mid-August prices shot 32 cents per kilogram higher for Swedish beef to 414.4 cents per kilo, report market analysts at the Livestock and Meat Commission Northern Ireland (LMC).

This left Swedish beef the second most expensive in Europe behind Great Britain.

“There was a substantial uplift in Swedish prices,” an LMC spokesperson said.

“Some of which may be attributed to a strengthening of the Swedish Krona against the euro.

“French prices were broadly stable, and remain about 5c/kg ahead of NI R3 heifer prices.”

Northern Ireland prices remain ahead of the EU average, while Republic of Ireland farmers struggling with a price ‘lag’ of 70 cents.

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