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Ramadan Bazaars to Sell Poultry Cheaply

26 June 2014

PAKISTAN - Poultry products will be available at reduced rates as compared to the open market in more than 340 Ramadan Bazaars to be set up in 36 districts across Lahore, with chicken prices to be reduced by Rs18 per kg, eggs to be cut by Rs12 per dozen and live chicken to be lowered by Rs12 per kg against the rates at the open market.

The Nation reports that an understanding was reached in this regard between Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) north zone chairman Raza Mehmmod Khasand and Punjab Livestock Dr Amir Ahmed in a meeting in the presence of Punjab Food Minister Bilal Yaseen.

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, the PPA has decided join forces with the government to help the public by providing poultry products at subsidised prices in Ramadan Bazaars in a bid to ease inflation, Mr Khasand told The Nation.

He assured the government that the PPA will provide a subsidy of Rs18 a kg on chicken and Rs12 on live chicken throughout the province, as compared to the open market.

He said that as a result of reduction in poultry and chicken rates in Ramadan Bazaars, even those districts would also benefit where there is negligible production of poultry.

The government has also assured the industry will not to interfere in poultry products rates in open market and let the market mechanism work independently.


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