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New Poly-Clip System – PPS Poultry Packaging Station

16 May 2014

GERMANY - Efficient packaging of chicken, ducks and geese in bags – the new PPS Poultry Packaging Station of Poly-clip System sets standards in packaging hygiene and ensures compliance with the First In-First Out (FIFO) principle during the packaging process.

In the PPS, essential process steps are optimised and tuned for packaging of poultry. Collection of poultry at the dropping stations, hocking, bagging, and clipping of up to 15 packages per minute at each clipping station – PPS achieves all these steps in one system.

How does PPS function?

The PPS features modular expandability and is exactly adapted to suit the dimensions of standardised dropping stations of weighing/grading lines. When placed side by side, several PPS systems always have their collecting stations at the right spot.

Due to the fact that the poultry “slides along” and “lands” in the immediate proximity of the MPL (bagger), it is almost inevitable that the FIFO principle is followed during packaging.

The MPL and the two clipping stations run in parallel. This ensures quick smooth operation and increased productivity.

The operator who fills the bags will never be in contact with the outer packaging (carton), i.e. there is no product contamination. The chicken is pushed into the automatically inflated bag, which slides over rolls to the clipping station at which the bag is safely and hygienically clip-sealed.

Separation of the working stations, bagging and clipping, guarantees optimum packaging hygiene. The PPS can be optionally expanded with conveyor belts for transporting the goods to the cold store, where appropriate even in a further outer packaging.

For safe product and origin labelling as well as batch tracing, each clipping machine can be equipped with the optional labelling system EZ Tag-Feeder. The appropriate label is simultaneously fixed with the clip closure on the bag in a tamper-proof manner.

In combination with the MPL (bagger) and single-clip machines of the Easy Clip Line®, Poly-clip System’s PPS Poultry Packaging Station is the ideal system for efficient packaging of chicken, ducks and geese in bags.

Poly-clip System is the worldwide leader in clip system solutions.

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