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Wagyu registrations Jump Again

08 May 2014

AUSTRALIA - Wagyu registrations in Australia continue to grow rapidly with a 26 per cent lift from 2013 to 2014 which followed an 11 per cent jump during the previous 12 months.

With 6657 registrations in 2013, Wagyu remains the fastest growing major breed in the nation and moves up to 8th in the registration hierarchy, up from 10th the previous year and moving past other significant breeds in the process.

Figures released by the Australian Registered Cattle Breeders’ Association (ARCBA) indicate Wagyu registrations have doubled over the past decade and the growth shows no signs of abating according to Australian Wagyu Association Executive Officer Graham Truscott.

“Membership has grown, especially in the eastern states, and demand for Wagyu genetics, cattle and Wagyu beef both in Australia and overseas continues to grow,” he said.

“There are herds of up to 40,000 high content Wagyu cattle in Queensland and some herds of Fullblood registered Wagyu that run thousands of breeders.”

Overseas interest has also been strong for Australian Wagyu genetics and beef and there is growing interest in the live export trade for breeding heifers to compliment the existing export trade of Wagyu influenced feeder steers.

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