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Chilli Adds Bite to Devilish Meatballs

18 April 2014

UK - Devilishly Spiced Pork Chilli Meatballs and Meat Bites are the perfect ingredients for caterers and ready meal and snack manufacturers seeking to add pzazz to snacks for the millions of football followers who will take advantage of relaxed licensing laws to watch this summer’s World Cup on TV.

Both products strongly feature chillies – a spice unforgettably introduced to Europe by 16th century adventurers returning from Brazil, the home of this year’s football spectacular.

From Snowbird foods, the bites and balls are fully cooked and frozen at the factory stage so they simply need heating (in seconds in a microwave) to ready them for service.

The 4g. meat bites deliver a memorable and well proven taste bonus when added to pizzas and caterers have found they have also added repeat–purchase interest to soups, quiches, meat patties, pies and even specialised versions of a Ploughman’s (drop the sour pickle)!

The larger, 15g meatballs go well in wraps, sandwiches and, lined up, on top-cut rolls. They also function as finger food served with fries or jacket wedges and mini corn cobs.

“These are devilishly good products and we have launched them so soccer fans can be amongst the first to enjoy them,” said Snowbird sales director, Roy Anderson.

“It’s our bet they will become a permanent fixture on lots of menus because our NPD brains are the tops when it comes to deciding just how much heat to put into dishes like this,” he added.


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