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New Plant for Siwin Foods

21 March 2014

CANADA - Alberta meat processor Siwin Foods is a subsidiary of Yantai Xiwang Foods Company of China, is to build a new C$13 million processing plant in Edmonton.

The new facility is designed from the ground up to help Siwin merge all of its production under a single roof and provide options for future expansion.

The plant will feature new equipment that will increase the efficiency of Siwin’s existing production lines.

The processing environment will incorporate industry leading specifications that meet the export requirements for the US and China, two of Siwin’s target markets.

The larger space will require more people as Siwin increases its production.

Siwin is hiring more staff and bringing in external consultants to provide training in food safety.

The investment in staff training is part of Siwin’s ongoing commitment to make food safety every employee’s number one priority.
Gord DeJong, vice president of Swinin Foods said: “Creating an internationally competitive food company requires a lot of planning and investment.

“We built a state of the art facility that can fulfil all the regulatory requirements and we are training our people to fully utilise the space to create safe, high quality food.”

Gordon Cove, ALMA’s President and CEO, said: “We’ve done multiple projects with Siwin because the company’s story aligns closely with our goals.

“Our partnership with Siwin is increasing domestic capacity as Siwin is using Alberta meat to produce products with limited domestic competition. Other brands of potstickers and dumplings sold in Alberta are either out-of-province processors or, more likely, coming in from outside of Canada.

“This same partnership also advances our international market aims as Siwin’s long-term strategy is to sell product internationally. Most importantly, Siwin has invested millions in building its Edmonton facility and it will create millions more in economic development as new jobs are filled by Albertans and more meat is needed to keep up with their growing customer base.”

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