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Mexico Hog Markets

10 January 2014
Genesus - The first power in genetics

MEXICO - Due to the future positive perspectives of the pig industry in the country as a consequence of the grain price reduction (corn, sorghum and soybean) and the slaughter prices (today is approximately $27.00/Kg a live weight – USD $ 2.015/Kg) the pig industry in Mexico is growing and getting consolidated. Up to now some companies are planning their own expansion, write Dr Carlos Peralta, President Genesus Mexico and R. Carlos Rodríguez.

During January the CIF corn prices are at Mx $3.390/metric Ton (USD $253), Mx $3,140/metric Ton for sorghum (USD $ 234.33) and soybean 47% at Mx $7,710/metric Ton (USD $575.37).

The industry consolidation occurs in all the different regions in the Country.
The National Minister of Agriculture (SAGARPA) will increase their budget in 34.6% during 2014 to support all the different sectors they are in charge for.

As a requirement of the Mexican pig Industry, SAGARPA authorized an exclusive incentive plan for this activity creating the PORCINE PROGRAM (PROPOR) who will authorize this kind of support to farms from 40 to 1,000 sows to capacitate pig producers and pig production technician during 2014 and help to find the pig production sustainability, restocking and better quality genetics in their farms.

The new investment in the pig production sector will help to increase the total breeding stock in the Country and will allow Mexico to produce better quality pork meat in short term in order to compete internationally.

Together, government and pig producers are developing a program to increase pig meat consumption per capita in Mexico to 18 Kilograms.

In different regions of the Country we have had PED outbreaks with diarrhea and vomiting with high mortality in piglets. Those outbreaks appeared in Central and Norwest of Mexico. This kind of problem will modify the bio-security measures in the farms, mobilizations and all the procedures involved with this problem.

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