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Paraguay Targets China for Exports after FMD All-clear

20 November 2013

PARAGUAY - Paraguay having been certified by the World Organization of Animal Health(OIE) as being free from foot and mouth disease with vaccination is to target China as an export destination for its meat.

The head of the National Animal Quality and Health (SENACSA) Idoyaga Dr. Hugo Federico Benitez said that Paraguay will also be seeking to resume exports to the European Union and Venezuela.

"We begin to investigate how far we can get and how far we can negotiate," he said of the potential to export to China.

He added that there is interest from Venezuela for meat exports because Peru has a history of selling meat to the country and it was the third largest buyer of the country’s red meat.

The President Dr. Hugo Idoyaga SENACSA who was accompanied by the Directors General of the institution also reported on the scope of certification and called for support for the Chief Executive to negotiate export to these countries.

"We have orders from the private sector, there is an opportunity and we have to start working to open new markets, The. President gave us carte blanche,"he said.

The recovery of the health status of the country as free of FMD with vaccination is an important certification for the export of meat from Paraguay because it will open more markets and generated more international demand for livestock production.


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