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Record Growth in Pig, Poultry, Dairy Production in Argentina

25 October 2013

ARGENTINA - Poultry, pig and dairy production in Argentina has grown by 170 per cent, 109 per cent and 43 per cent respectively over the last decade.

The per capita consumption of the three food sectors grew from five to 9.2 per cent per year, between 2003 and 2012.

Debora Giorgi, Minister of Industry, stressed that the poultry, dairy and swine sectors have enormous growth potential, not only to supply the domestic market also in terms of exports.

During a meeting held in the Hall Belgrano of the Ministry of Industry, Debora Giorgi said the Industrial Strategic Plan 2020 is a roadmap to advance ahead of the next decade and that the country has all the conditions to become a leading global food producer high with value added.

He said the state will continue with the delivery of soft loans to gain scale and productivity, find new markets to diversify exports and promote increased domestic consumption of poultry and pig meat.

Pig Sector

In the last 10 years, pig production grew 109 per cent (at an annual average of nine per cent). Per capita consumption increased by 60 per cent since 2003 (five per cent year-on-year).

In 2012 exports increased by 57 per cent over the previous year and since 2003, grew at the rate of five per cent each year.

The target for production is 822,000 tons by 2020 and in 2012 it reached 331,000.


The consumption target is 13kg per person and last year it was 9kg, and exports have a goal of $ 451 million and last year they reaxched $13 million.

Poultry Industry

From 2003 to 2012, poultry production increased by 170 per cent (at a rate of 12 per cent each year). Per capita consumption increased by 116 per cent from 2003 to 2012 (average nine per cent annual rate). 2012 exports increased 23 per cent over the previous year. Since 2003 year increased by an average of 36 per cent.

In 2020, the sector plans to reach a production of 3 million tons (in 2012 there were 1.9 million), reaching a per capita consumption of 50 kg (now is 40kg) and export of 2.475 million dollars (in 2012, 530 million).

Dairy Industry

Between 2003 and 2012, production increased by 43 per cent (an annual average of four per cent. Consumption per capita increased by 20 per cent since 2003, an average of two per cent annually. Since 2003, exports grew by 422 per cent (yearly average of 20 per cent).

The 2020 IEP goals for the sector is to reach a production of 18,200 million litres of milk annually (in 2012 it was 11,383 million litres), per capita consumption of 235 litres per person (today it iss 214 litres), and exports by $3,248 million while today it is $1,542 million in 2012.

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